7.9:  MORE Tales of UX Less Ordinary with Samsung, Salesforce, Oracle, Yelp, and AKQA

7.9: MORE Tales of UX Less Ordinary with Samsung, Salesforce, Oracle, Yelp, and AKQA

Outside the Boxes - tales of UX less ordinary

UX is at the heart of modern product development. But what techniques, practices and tools are necessary when those products are outside of what we might consider normal?

Join us for insights as we look outside the boxes and share tales of UX less ordinary.

Pizza and beer will be served, consumed.

speakers include:

Steven Rahman

Steven Rahman   Samsung

Steven Rahman is the Director of Technology and Strategy at Samsung where he seeks to make life easier through augmented and virtual reality.

Denis Griffith

Denis Griffith   Salesforce

Denis Griffith recently joined as head of UX for marketing at Salesforce, mandated with building the first UX department for marketing and the Salesforce.com website. He ran Global UX for BBDO Proximity in NYC where he served as creative director for the Emirates Airline redesign.

Daniel Schwartz

Daniel Schwartz   Oracle

Daniel Schwartz is a Senior Interaction Designer, Oracle Applications User Experience at Oracle Corporation.  He has been designing the UI/ UX of enterprise software for over a decade, working on a variety of challenging projects such as CRM and enterprise gamification.

Yoni De Beule

Yoni De Beule   Yelp

Yoni De Beule is a Mobile Product Designer at Yelp. With a passion for engaging and intuitive experiences, Yoni pursues delightfulness as a product strategy.

Jordan Manning

Jordan Manning   AKQA

Jordan Manning is an interaction designer interested in cities, the people in them, and everything in between.

Christopher Marsh

Christopher Marsh   AKQA

Christopher Marsh is Director of Technology Operations at AKQA, and works on blurring the boundaries between user interaction and technology.


06:00 – 07:30 Mingling & Networking
07:30 – 08:30 Tales of UX Less Ordinary
08:30 – 09:00 Q&A, Discussion
09:00 – 09:30 Wrap up & Last call

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6.26: SF New Tech: The Belgian Webmission 2014 : Belgian Startups, Belgian Chocolate, Belgian Food & DJ Party

6.26: SF New Tech: The Belgian Webmission 2014 : Belgian Startups, Belgian Chocolate, Belgian Food & DJ Party

SF New Tech


The Belgians Are Back!


DOORS OPEN @ 5:30 pm


 @ 10:00 pm

Folke Lemaitre, CEO

Engagor helps companies effectively engage with their customers on social media. Engagor is an online tool to monitor everything said about a brand, their competitors and their industry in general. The tool monitors millions of sources, offers powerful analytics and enables brands to efficiently manage their customer engagement with real-time workflow capabilities and a social CRM. Engagor works with leading brands worldwide, including Evernote, T-Mobile, Volvo, Carlsberg and the European Parliament.  engagor.com // @engagor

Sébastien Leidgens, CEO

Cubr is a messaging app.
Use colorful cubes to leave messages… in real life!
Each cube has a unique code and is connected to a chat.
That’s simple.

You can stay in touch with someone you just met.
Or chat with people after seeing them.
Or start a conversation easily.
Or leave a note

Instant messaging in real life for Iphone, Android and Web.
cubr.com  // @cubrapp


Marcus Perezi-Tormos, Founder

Increasing Sales Rep productivity is a perpetual goal. Mobile Sales Solutions are being employed and/or discussed in virtually every industry. TappCtrl is at the forefront of the growing trend of using tablets as a B2B tool to increase productivity. The TappCtrl solution is unique as it meets sales reps needs in a state of the art and comprehensive way. We greatly improve productivity by eliminating inefficiencies at each stage of the sales process. TappCtrl offers tangible, measurable productivity optimization for sales teams supported by a comprehensive solution for managing the sales cycle (presentations, product catalog, CRM integration, geo localization, visit reports, purchase orders, including signatures on sent purchase orders…). All of which is interfaced real time with any CRM and/or ERP. tappctrl.com // @tappctrl

Michel van den Hove, Co-Founder
Paynut is a worldwide network to give and receive objects in your neighborhood.
Every object is worth 1 nut and you receive 2 free nuts when you subscribe.
 paynut.org // @paynut


Odoo Inc.
Fabrice Henrion, Director America
Odoo, previously known as OpenERP, is a suite of integrated business applications. Odoo is similar to many open-source projects where customized programming, support, and other services are provided by an active global community and partners network. The community is comprised of more than 1,500 active members and has contributed more than 4,000 modules to the ongoing enrichment of Odoo. The network of certified partners, established in more than 100 countries, deploys the solution locally. The software, with more than 1,500 downloads a day, is one of the most frequently installed business suites worldwide. All Odoo Apps such as Odoo CRM, Odoo Sales, Odoo Accounting, Odoo WMS (Warehouse Management), Odoo HR, Odoo Project, Odoo Events, Odoo Marketing, etc. are integrated with each other. Odoo is an open source alternative to many software packages. It can be used by any retailer with its POS (Point Of Sales), and in any website with its CMS (website builder) synchronized with the e-Commerce app. In the enterprise resource planning software field, Odoo is an alternative to SAP ERP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, and others. Odoo has offices in the US, Belgium, Luxembourg, India and Hong Kong. odoo.com // @odooapps
Event Sponsors

Brussels Invest & Export
Brussels Invest & Export is the first point of contact for Belgian companies interested in doing business in the U.S. and offers a significant array of tools to ensure a successful market entry. As a government agency, we actively provide support to U.S. investors wishing to expand their business to the capital of Europe.  Brussels Invest & Export, your bridge between Brussels and Silicon Valley.


Webmission is a 1 week trip of Belgian Tech entrepreneurs to global hotspots of web/tech innovation. Our mission, promote Belgian Web, Tech & Mobile entrepreneurship abroad, by increasing its visibility, international network and business opportunities.  http://webmission.be // @webmission
 SF New Tech Sponsors
  doubledutch     Fathom Law
Note:  Mighty is a 21+ Venue
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6.18: SF New Tech + I Do PR Present: Wed Tech!

6.18: SF New Tech + I Do PR Present: Wed Tech!


The wedding season is officially here, so to celebrate we’ve partnered with wedding pros at I DO PR to bring you some of the leading tech pioneers shaking up the $72 billion dollar wedding industry.

Cocktail Hour 
5:30 – 7:30 pm 
Wine, Snacks & Conversations
The Ceremony
7:30 – 10:00 pm
Live Demos & Discussions Featuring Wed Tech Innovators:


Rob Farrow, CEO

Cloud based wedding planning and design tools for the modern bride. Aisleplanner connects couples, planners, and vendors through interactive planning tools, resources and rich wedding-centric content. Planning starts here.
http://www.aisleplanner.com // @aisleplanner
Sara Osias, Global Partnership Director

Our mission is simple: make gift giving memorable. Wanderable is a premium online honeymoon registry that helps engaged couples plan and then get gifted travel experiences for their honeymoon. No more meaningless pillowcases or pots and pans, Wanderable helps couples receive experiences and adventures that create memories that last a lifetime. Couples can register for anything on their upcoming honeymoon, from hotel stays to couples massages to snorkeling expeditions. Couples also receive support in planning their honeymoon from our carefully vetted list of merchant partners who offer experiences such as a Private Tour of the Royal Jewels in the Tower of London to a day spent as an Elephant Mahout in Thailand. Planning your dream honeymoon is made easy at Wanderable.  http://www.wanderable.com // @wanderable

Wedding Spot

Wedding Spot
Tina Hoang-To, CEO & Founder

The only place to search, price, and book wedding venues. Think of us as the OpenTable for the wedding industry.  http://www.wedding-spot.com // @weddingspot

Gift Gather

Gift Gatherer
Cynthia Kellogg, Co-Founder

Gift Gather is changing the way people give gifts. It is providing a place for a group of people to all chip in for one awesome gift, instead of each individual wasting time and money shopping on their own. Gift Gather is the perfect place for couples to register for their honeymoon, a down payment on a new home, or collect money/donations for a charitable cause.  http://www.giftgather.com // @giftgather


Two Bright Lights
Siri Eklund, CEO

Two Bright Lights is a collaborative network where spectacular images are simply sourced and globally published. Our software platform makes it easy for over 13,000 professional photographers to submit their work to be featured in magazines, blogs and newspapers around the world. In tandem, our system allows editors to manage large volumes of incoming submissions and streamline communications. We also offer a robust sharing service for photographers to distribute images to other businesses to encourage referrals. Headquartered in San Francisco, Two Bright Lights’ membership includes over 500 publications, 15,000 photographers and 30,000 businesses in 100 countries. To date, our software platform has enabled nearly 50,000 editorial features to be sourced and published.   http://twobrightlights.com/ // @twobrightlights 

Treats kindly provided by:

Culinary Eye Events

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Fom | Powered by Pure Oxygen

Event Sponsor



 SF New Tech Sponsors

  doubledutch     Fathom Law

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6.11: SF New Tech With BrainBot, Kindr, UpGrade It!, PresentiGO, Contract Live, Antidot, Squid Solutions, TechCrunch, Merriman Captial and more!

6.11: SF New Tech With BrainBot, Kindr, UpGrade It!, PresentiGO, Contract Live, Antidot, Squid Solutions, TechCrunch, Merriman Captial and more!



1) Meet Merriman Capital! Get funded!

Merriman Capital has stepped up to sponsor our shindig with the singular goal of helping startups get funded. Marc Lewis, Merriman’s Managing Director, and Chief Technology Strategist, will be on-hand to introduce the Merriman Digital Capital Network (DCN), a transaction platform for institutional and accredited investors that enables a comprehensive and compliant venue for transactions in U.S. capital markets. The Merriman DCN links 100s of institutional and accredited investors with a wide selection of pre-screened investment opportunities — like yours — across multiple strategies, sectors, and deal sizes. Let’s get your startup in the DCN!

2) Meet Sarah Buhr from TechCrunch! Get noticed!

Sarah will not only be scouting for great startups stories for TechCrunch, she’ll be helping to moderate the event! Woot!

3) Meet the following 7 HOT Startups from here and abroad who’ll be on stage to demo and take your questions/comments:

* BrainBot is a sensor-driven device that’s designed to help you calm your soul.
* Kindr is all about thoughtful messaging to make more people happy.
* UpGrade It! parlays the power to improve our surroundings.
* PresentiGO makes life easier for sales people in the field.
* Contract Live with cloud-based contract management.
* Antidot with enriched technical documentation drafting solutions.
* Squid Solutions with tailor-made analytics apps for B2B.

4) Meet Telerik’s Chief Strategy Officer, Steve Forte! Work smarter!

Steve will share how Telerik‘s platform empowers its customers to create compelling app experiences across any screen and more. Telerik’s end-to end platform uniquely combines industry-leading UI tools with cloud services to simplify the entire app development lifecycle. Telerik tools and services can be adopted individually or as a platform and seamlessly integrated with other popular developer solutions. More than 130,000 customers from 40,000 organizations in 94 countries depend on Telerik products, including more than 450 of the Fortune 500®, academic institutions, governments and non-profits. Ask Steve how Telerik can help your startup!

5) Meet Heather Meeker of MeekerQuinn! Get traction!

Heather and team are SFNT’s trusted partners in traction who are all-in when it comes to helping startups bust through the clutter! Heather will be at Mighty looking for ways to move the needle for your startup. Ask me for an intro.

6) #MeetMicrosoft! Take a vacation!

Learn how to bring your vacation dreams to life with Bing, OneDrive, Outlook.com, and IE. Microsoft also invites you to apply to become a Product Expert in their new “Idea Lab”, and you could win $300 towards your next vacation. Visit http://aka.ms/IdeaLabApp1 to join.

7) Meet everyone else! Make new friends!

Connect with 150+ other geeks and freaks who also call technology their passion. They’ll be in the house — or in line for the taco truck — eager to meet you!

8) Free tacos, yo! Get fed!

We dish out free tacos from one of SF’s most-loved taco trucks for the first 150 folks in the door. Your plate awaits!


SF New Tech
Mobile & More 

Doors open @ 5:30 for 2 hours of getting to know each other over free tacos.
Presentations start @ 7:30 pm

Come for the networking, stay for the demos!

Mighty is a 21+ venue
Rohan Dixit, Founder
BrainBot is a wearable device that helps you stay calm and relaxed. It uses an embedded sensor measuring stress patterns in your autonomic nervous system. Your BrainBot knows when you’re stressed and encourages you to breath deeply when you need it most.  http://www.brainbot.me // https://twitter.com/brainbot



Matt Ivester, CEO
Kindr is disrupting ecards and physical greetings cards with it’s mobile-first approach to thoughtful messaging.  Their slogan is “Brighten someone’s day” and the app enables its users to do exactly that by sending thoughtful, funny, or cute GIFs and images paired with short captions or notes.   http://www.kindr.me //

Upgrade It!
Infrastructure Upgrade, Inc.
Matthew Myers, Founder & CEO
Frustrated by crumbling Infrastructure? Here is your iPhone app. Download Upgrade it! @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/upgrade-it!/id672622614


Jan Tkac, Founder
PresentiGO is a better way for sales teams to present in the field.
-Sales reps can give more engaging presentations.
-Sales directors can gain insight into what’s working out in the field.
-Marketing can improve and deliver consistent messaging.  http://www.presentigo.com

Contract Live

Contract Live
Matthieu Lhoumeau, CEO
Contract Live is a cloud-based platform which help companies manage all their contracts (supplier, client, HR, partnership, etc.) throughout all stages (creation, negotiation, e-signing, managing) in one single safe place.  http://www.contract-live.com/


Fabrice Lacroix, CEO
Anidot specializes in data enrichment and search engines. Their solution Fluid Topics has ‘reinvented’ the way technical documentation drafting and editing is done. It essentially allows users to add personalized documents and create lively, simple and interactive online publication systems with browsing, search, annotation, comment and feedback features.  http://www.antidot.net/en/

Squid Solutions
Squid Solutions
Adrien Schmidt, CEO
Squid Solutions fuels innovation and drive performance via powerful, tailor-made analytics apps. Squid provides the most demanding B2B publishing industry players with transparent usage metrics in a faster and more flexible way. Its usage analytics dashboards, core user segmentation, and visualization app is all combined in a beautiful, clear, and readable interface.  http://squidsolutions.com/en/

Event Sponsor

Merriman Capital

 ub/io ubi i/o is the Silicon Valley accelerator program launched by UBIFRANCE and Bpifrance and dedicated to highly promising French tech companies having a well-defined and achievable U.S. project. ubi i/o is an evolution of UBIFRANCE’s annual French Tech Tour, 7 years in existence. The 8 participants will use ubi i/o’s 10 week acceleration program to kickstart their business in the US, and introduce their outstanding technologies to the American market. ubi i/o is a part of the “French Tech” initiative launched this year by the French government. http://ubi-io.com/

 SF New Tech Sponsors

Microsoft Telerik empowers its customers to create compelling app experiences across any screen. Our end-to- end platform uniquely combines industry-leading UI tools with cloud services to simplify the entire   app development lifecycle. Telerik tools and services can be adopted individually or as a platform and   seamlessly integrated with other popular developer solutions. More than 130,000 customers from   40,000 organizations in 94 countries depend on Telerik products, including more than 450 of the   Fortune 500®, academic institutions, governments and non-profits. For additional information about   Telerik, please visit telerik.com or follow @telerik on Twitter.
  doubledutch     Fathom Law
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6.3: Merriman Capital Digital Currency Summit: The Ripple Effect

6.3: Merriman Capital Digital Currency Summit: The Ripple Effect

Merriman Capital Digital Currency Summit

A highly exclusive event to meet digital currency pioneers and learn how their companies are transforming the payment landscape. 

Registration @ 1:00 pm sharp.





Sponsored by:

Digial Capital Network 


Cocktails courtesy of:

Fair Spirits 

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5.28: SFNT w/Fleksy, Magneto, Sublime Skinz, Vade Retro, Trade Lab, Queue & more

5.28: SFNT w/Fleksy, Magneto, Sublime Skinz, Vade Retro, Trade Lab, Queue & more

SF New Tech




Mighty is a 21+ venue.
Free Tacos for the first 150 people in the door.



Ioannis Verdelis
Founder & COO
Fleksy is the most comfortable, most accurate, most beautiful smartphone typing experience in the world.  It’s now also the fastest. Fleksy holds the Guinness World Record for fastest typing on a smartphone. Watch this!
http://fleksy.com http://android.fleksy.com //



Queue Technologies
Joe Sanchis, CEO
Smart lines allows your fans to “jump up” the purchase, pre-order, or promotional campaign line by sharing, referring, and engaging. This makes waiting more exciting, social, and rewarding! Turn your customers into a marketing channel. http://www.queuetechnologies.com



Vade Retro
Dimitri Perret, Marketing & Business Development
Vade Retro provides a unique email classification engine and a safe unsubscribe service that manages threats (spam, phishing, scam, virus, etc.) and graymail (newsletters, commercial emails, social networks notifications) for inbound and outbound customer flow.  http://www.vade-retro.com/fr/



Charles Gros, Founder

Tradelab’s Trading Desk platform manages and directs advertisers’ and media agencies’ display, mobile, and video campaigns through Real Time Auctions. Tradelab’s objective is to reach targeted audiences, developed through its own proprietary data management platform, optimization technologies, tag management system, and viewability optimization.  http://www.tradelab.fr/


Sublime Skinz

Jean-Marc Pericone, Co-Founder & President
Jerem Febvre, Co-Founder & COO

Sublimeskinz is one of the leading ad networks specializing in skin-based technology across the Internet. Having only launched a little over one year ago, they delivered over 300 campaigns on 700+ websites in France alone (with 29 Million Unique visitors per month), working with more than 40 media agencies. They’ve now set their sights on markets outside of France, recruiting 150 websites in the UK, more than 300 websites in Spain and more than 100 in the US.  http://fr.sublimeskinz.com/


Gadi Shamia, Founder & CEO
Magneto is a cloud based calendar and to-do system that helps you have a better day. It integrates with Google and Exchange calendars and available on the web, iOs and as an extension. With Magneto you get automatic travel times added to your calendar, an easy way to share your calendar with anyone and integrated smart to-dos. http://magneto.me





Microsoft’s Internet Explorer
Rethink the web. Come see (and touch!) how Microsoft reimagines exploring the internet with IE11, now in Xbox One and Windows 8.1. Plus who knows… once you #MeetIE, you might get something extra ;)




 SF New Tech Sponsors

Microsoft Twitter
  doubledutch     Fathom Law

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The SF New Tech Post Show Show 4.16

The SF New Tech Post Show Show 4.16

Check out the April 16th SF New Tech Post Show Show with #ThatTechGirl, Liberty Madison
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The Startup Conference 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 | 9AM-5PM

Fox Theatre, 2223 Broadway St, Redwood City, CA 94063

SF New Tech is proud to support the organization of the Startup Conference 2014. Discover how to start your own startup and network with 2,000 fellow entrepreneurs and engineers. Journalists from TechCrunch and other media will be present as well. Conference speakers include Guy Kawasaki, Tim Draper, Vivek Wadhwa, David Hornik, Christine Herron, Bill Reichert and many more. If you just want to learn about hot new startups, stop by the International Startup Fair on the Courthouse Plaza in front of Fox Theater and browse the aisles of an outdoor street festival for startups. Exhibitors include venture capital firms and startups launching new products in the Demo Pit. The Startup Fair is free and open to the public –  SF New Tech members receive a 20% discount for the Startup Conference and demo tables at the fair, please use promotion code “SFNT20″.



Monday, May 19, 2014 | 8AM-6:30PM

Grand Hyatt, San Francisco

Big data analytics will continue to ignite explosive growth for those able to leverage it in 2014.

But while the data-science field continues to evolve at warp speed, companies are moving to a more practical stage this year: They’re seeking real results from their investments in analytics tools. They’re looking to boost revenue or curtail costs — or best of all, both.

VentureBeat hosted our inaugural DataBeat event in 2013, and it was a smash success, bringing together some of the top data scientists, analysts, investors, and entrepreneurs in the field of big data.

This year’s DataBeat will be laser focused on helping companies increase profitability through smart analytics and big data tools. We’re gathering the brightest minds to filter through the noise and give new insights on the people, technologies, and strategies that will accelerate growth.

Purchase one of the first 50 tickets and save $300!


The 5th Annual PR Summit Conference: Content Connect

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 | 9AM-6PM

The Old Mint 54 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103

On Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 join 500 executives, top media influencers & entrepreneurs discuss the latest trends and best practices in business communications, story telling and content marketing.  Spend One-on-one time with this industry visionaries, and leaders from the world of publishing, public relations, marketing, branding, advertising agencies, and other verticals and brands with a vested interest in the future of social journalism and digital storytelling.


USA Today, Fast Company, Forbes, Entrepreneur TechCrunch, Venture Beat, GigaOM, San Jose Mercury News, Google, Wall Street Journal, AirPR, Thrillist & LinkedIn


Content Marketing, and PR Thought Leadership.


1. Ben Parr, (Co-Founder & Managing Partner DominateFund)

2. Cotton Delo (San Francisco Bureau Chief, Advertising Age)

3. Jon Swartz (SF Bureau Chief, USA Today)

4. Josh Constine, (Writer, TechCrunch)

5. Paul Walborsky (CEO, GigaOM)

6. Porter Gale (Author, Marketer, Tech-Lover and Start-up Advisor)

7. Rebekah Iliff (Chief Strategy Officer, AirPR)

8. Sarah Buhr (Writer, USA Today)

9. Tim Draper (Founder, Draper Fisher Jurvetson)


Promo of 20% off (Only 10-Available)

Promo of 15% off (Open)


Tuesday, June 17, 2014 | 1:30PM – 7PM

Parc 55 Wyndham, San Francisco

CloudNOW, the non-profit consortium of the leading women in cloud and emerging technologies, invites you to attend our Third Annual CloudNOW Top Women in Cloud Innovation Awards. This year the focus of the Awards is on the end-user customer. We hope that you will join us for CloudNOW’s flagship event featuring the Top Women in Cloud, industry pioneers, and leading academicians from Stanford. Enjoy no-host bar, and an elegant dinner buffet at one of the most exclusive hotels in SF!

The Innovation Awards recognize the Top 10 cloud end-user customers for outstanding cloud and converging technology projects and implementations. During the event, the Top 10 Women will present their projects in a pitch-style competition where the Top Woman in Cloud will be named on-site for a real-time award of the title, Top Woman in Cloud.

Attendees: Cloud end-users, analysts, tech thought leader/ pioneers, VCs, and entrepreneurs

Sponsors: Dell, Cisco, GreenQloud, HP, IBM, VMware

Speakers: Manjula Talreja, VP Cloud Practices, Cisco; Margaret Dawson, Chief Cloud Evangelist, HP; Vanessa Alvarez, cloud thought leader, former Forrester analyst; Dr. Andrea Davies, Stanford.

Judges: Gia Scinto, Partner Andreessen Horowitz, employee #8; Amber Osborne, CMO Meshfire, Twitter “Top CMO”


SF New Tech will consider spreading the word about your event if you tell us more about it here.

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UI/UX + MVP = SFNTx1000

UI/UX + MVP = SFNTx1000


SFNT is seeking a UI/UX designer to polish up an MVP that we’re building to give startups an amazing new way to showcase their work.   Since we’re zero-funded on this project, we’re looking for your love in exchange for ours.  You’ll work with great people and, at the least, walk away with a great portfolio piece. This is just the beginning.  Big things are afoot!  Ping us here.
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We debuted a brand new mobile app at our last event.  And it’s now open for everyone!

If you download it now and leave notifications on, you’ll get a free ticket to our next event!

We’re set on set on making mobile your spot for all-things-SFNT.

Now, you can:

  • interact with others in the room when you join us live
  • get tips on free stuff (tickets, prizes, discounts) at and in between events
  • access to video archives of past demos
  • access to SFNTinvest
  • much, much, more.

Big thanks to DoubleDutch!

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