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Today I am beyond thrilled to make a few BIG announcements.Make that HUGE announcements.

No wait, F’IN AMAZING announcements.

Let’s just say we’ve got some real KICK ASS stuff in the works!

In waaaay too many words… please check what’s news!

This month SFNT enters its 10th year of bringing together the tech community of SF. Happy Birthday to us! I haven’t done a full audit — but since we started, it’s safe to say we’ve seen 800+ startups hit the SFNT stage, over 5000 unique companies in the house, over 16,000 members across all our media, and god knows how many millions of dollars and found dream jobs have filtered through our community since our very first gathering in 2006.   We’ve come a long way, baby!  And that’s thanks to YOU.

The way SF New Tech brings together the tech community apparently has not gone unnoticed!  I’m excited to report Megan Smith, the CTO of the United States of America and Assistant to the President, has invited me to the White House (gulp!) on April 17 to represent SFNT as part of the very first White House Tech Meetup!  Crazy, eh?!  If you’ve got anything you’d like to relay to POTUS, let me know!   Check out the official invitation below.   :)

I’ve spent most of my time building the SFNT community through producing compelling events.  Big wheels are turning and today I’m officially announcing that I am joining the awesome team at Wearable World as Vice President of Marketing.  Wearable World’s job is to connect the market makers that drive the Wearable Tech and IoT revolutions forward. We’re in the business of creating mutually beneficial opportunities.  It’s a perfect match — WW has done what I’ve always wanted to do with SFNT through creating an ecosystem for startups (here, largely in wearable and IoT tech) to interface with corporates (and vise versa), to find funding/support, and to go big, fast. I’ve known and been friends with Redg Snodgrass, WW’s CEO, for a long, long time and our coming together makes perfect sense. SF New Tech will continue operate independently —it’s not going away by any means— but you will, no doubt, begin to see more opportunities through our new extended family come through the ether … starting today.

Enter Wearable World Congress! I’m helping to produce and promote this down-home 2-day wearable-and-IoT-love-and-business-conference at Wearable World’s super-cool HQ inside the Palace of Fine Arts.  We’re expecting over 2000 people to join the conversation about all-things wearable and IoT. This is the BIG one, folks. If you have any business in the ever-evolving world of the Internet and the connected society, you NEED to be here.  Trust me, you’ll hear more about this from me in the coming days and weeks.  Early bird tickets are available NOW.  And because you’re in the SFNT family, you can apply and additional 15% off discount right now.  Use the the code SFNT at to score.

Our first-ever FoodBytes Summit event produced in partnership with Rabobank (the world’s largest food/agtech bank) was so amazing — we’re doing it again!   Save the date: June 25, 2015 at the Bluxome Winery.   More info soon … but if you’re innovating with food or agriculture, we want to hear from you.  Apply to demo in front of leaders in the food world (BIG brands, investors) who want to do business with you. AND … we’re going to bring FoodBytes to NYC in the fall, too!  Apply to demo here!


SFNT in March at Runway rocked. We love Runway!  Authy stepped in as a special sponsor and they brought sandwiches! (Bulletproof 2-Factor Auth FTW!)  Akamai was back to share their latest dev and career opportunities.  And Eric Ferraro of Fathom Law was there in spirit — probably too busy with legal stuff from startups!  And, the beer was delivered by Instacart because, why not?

For our April event, SF New Tech has partnered with and Wearable World for “Beacons & Retail: Putting Proximity to Work!” — a very special event being held at Wearable World HQ inside the Palace of Fine Arts on April 16th.  Expect a formal invitation from SF New Tech soon… but act now and you can score early bird tickets at


If you’ve got what it takes to help organize killer events for the tech community, please get in touch — we’re looking for help!  We love working with bright, amazing people. Like Russel Clímaco-Estardo! Big ups for helping me wrangle the tiger that is SFNT. And like John-Paul Bulow, for kicking ass with FoodBytes 1.0 & 2.0!  Like Matthew Gonzales who calls it in from Dublin-town, old school: far out but not far gone! And of course, @socialgreg and JimmyG for plugging in and making shit happen.

And … here’s the invitation I received from the White House.   Sorry but it’s not transferable.  :)

You represent the incredible local community organizing that happens every day across this country, connecting people who share common passions and who would otherwise be strangers to one another. By sharing your talents and knowledge with your neighbors and peers, organizing meetups, investing in people’s development, and helping connect people to reach their goals, you’re keeping our nation on the cutting edge of innovation. In short, the work you do is critically important on so many levels.
We also know that more Americans need to plug into the new interconnected ecosystems we live in, to surface their talents, and connect them to opportunities they deserve, and we know that there are more ways than ever to leverage networks and technology to improve lives. We have a lot of work to do to bridge connections and ensure all of our neighbors can participate.
On April 17, we’re hosting community organizers, city and state officials, and technology thought leaders for a Tech Meetup at the White House. Our goals in gathering are to support America’s innovators, to better bridge digital divides, to interconnect us on common topics, to better collaborate on challenging projects where we have deep need and passion to solve them, and figure out how to include all Americans everywhere in our #InnovationNation.
I hope you will be able to join us!
U.S. Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President
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Big thanks to the 1k+ companies who joined us last year . . .

Here’s a HUGE thanks to all the companies who joined SFNT in 2014!

You all rock!

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It’s official!  We can’t wait to hear from all you disruptive and innovative food companies!




Bringing New Food Ideas & New Capital to the Plate – 2/25/2015 in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA and New York, NY – December 30, 2014 – Rabobank, the world’s premier bank to the food, agribusiness and beverage industry, and SF New Tech, San Francisco’s largest and longest-running tech showcase event, today announce the call for entries for innovative food companies to demo at FoodBytes!, a unique half-day conference that will bring together new ideas in food and new capital, on February 25, 2015 at the Bluxome Winery in San Francisco, CA.

FoodBytes! is dedicated to helping investors in the food industry meet new companies that are disrupting and/or innovating in food-related software and applications, distribution, manufacturing, production and more.

Food-related startups who are selected to participate will connect to and build relationships with interested investors and those seeking to support innovations in food.

FoodBytes! attendees – investors, technologists, media, and others – will view live demonstrations from rising stars who are innovating and disrupting in the food industry, participate in conversations with food industry leaders, and network with food industry peers and opinion leaders, among many others.

Companies are invited to demo their food-related innovations by applying online no later than 5 p.m. PT on Friday, January 9th, 2015 at


Media Contacts 212-808-2581 or 212-808-2576 415-843-1850

About Rabobank
Rabobank Group is a global financial services leader providing wholesale and retail banking, leasing, real estate services and renewable energy financing in more than 40 countries worldwide. Founded a century ago as a Dutch farmers’ cooperative, Rabobank today ranks as one of the largest banks in the world, with nearly $1 trillion in assets, and remains committed to its core mission to create customer value. Rabobank is recognized as a premier bank to the global food, beverage and agribusiness industry, providing a compelling combination of deep sector expertise, strategic counsel and specialized financial solutions to clients across the entire food value chain. Rabobank. The financial link in the global food chain.® // @RaboWholesale

About SF New Tech
SF New Tech (SFNT) is a world-renowned live platform for technology startups to showcase their latest innovations in front of 100s of tech-minded founders, engineers, investors, media, and more. Since 2006, over 700 companies have leveraged SFNT to launch and/or demo their new products, services, and features, including such internet luminaries Evernote, Waze, 23andMe, Flipboard, Twilio, Splunk and many other pre-fame startups. As a cornerstone of the San Francisco technology community and as SF’s largest, longest-running, and most-loved technology event, SFNT is laser-focused on putting innovators and their innovations in the spotlight in front of their peers — and beyond. SF New Tech is been supported by amazing companies including Fathom Law, Akamai, Microsoft, Twitter, DoubleDutch, Telerik, Macworld, The New York Times, and many others. For more information, visit // @sfnewtech

12.17 SF New Tech: Bina, Versal, Fitmo, Postmob, Xero, GoodCall and more!

12.17 SF New Tech: Bina, Versal, Fitmo, Postmob, Xero, GoodCall and more!

Discover & Discuss!
An inspiring evening of live demos from innovators
with an open floor for tough questions from SF’s digerati. 


6:15 – 7:30 pm     Free drinks thanks to Sage Human Capital
7:30 – 9:30 pm     Live Demos & Spirited Discussions


Moderated by:
Myles Weissleder
Myles Weissleder
Founder, SF New Tech

Bina Technologies
Sharon Barr, CTO
Bina builds software products that analyze Genomic data at speed, accuracy, and comprehensive manner.  The human genome was first sequenced in 2003 after fifteen years of hard work and cost three billion dollars. Today, the recent availability of sequencing the entire human genome with ~$1000 and 24 hours brings a once-in-a-lifetime technology disruption. This disruption has brought great challenges and opportunities to the data analytics market, all the way up to personalized medicine practices, and Bina is positioned at the heart of this value chain. Bina innovation includes distributed system infrastructure to process genomic data in parallel, at speed and ease of use. the technology stack includes system level and unix programing, distribution system best practices, Hadoop, NoSql, REST API, Angular for UI and more. //
Carlos Cuadra, Head of Content & Author Relations
Versal is a new way for teachers to easily create fun and interactive online courses, homework assignments, in-class lessons and more…no coding required. Share your creations via Versal, or embed courses directly into a blog, class website, or an LMS. Versal is free and open to anyone with knowledge and the desire to share it. //
Steijn Pelle, Co-Founder & COO
Make a real personal trainer 24/7 available & affordable for everyone. Because you probably lie to Runkeeper, but not to a human being who’s motivating you on top of your health data.


Ibian Hodgson CEO
Tomo Marinkovic, CMO
Postmob wants to connect all travelers with packages.
Arthur Garcia, Regional Sales Director
Xero is beautiful online accounting software for your small business with access anytime, anywhere. See why Xero is loved by over 370,000 small businesses at //
Nick Holmes à Court, CEO
Lee Shepard, Growth
Smart automation and deep insights to help you get the most out of outbound email.
 SF New Tech Sponsors


 We recommend Fathom Law for all your startup’s legal needs.


Download the doubledutch SFNT app and participate in the event!
Google Play:
App Store:


Sage Human Capital
Sage Human Capital is disrupting the recruiting industry by introducing the very first fully data-driven recruiting model.  Our success lies on a foundation of incorporating mindfulness into the recruiting process.





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Apply to demo @ SFNT on 12.17!

Apply to demo @ SFNT on 12.17!

Apply to Demo

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