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4.26: Spring Fling! With Speak Music, Decorator, OmnyWay, WishYoo, Keyvon, Dawex and!

April 26, 2017

It's officially spring and growth is in the air!

At our Spring Fling we'll dive deep into a wide array of new, cool tech, including demos from Speak Music, Decorator, OmnyWay, WishYoo, Keyvon, Dawex and more!

Bring your quest for knowledge, a stack of business cards, and a penchant for being ahead of the curve and make yourself at home! We can't wait to see you!

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Mark Anderson

Speak Music

Kevin Sadrieh


Didier Navez

VP Strategy & Alliances

Vanessa Ronan


Amitaabh Malhotra


Ignacio Doncel

Founder & CEO

David Hyman

Cofounder and CEO


  • Speak Music

    Mark Anderson, CEO

    Speak Music is redefining the consumer audio entertainment experience—with Melody, the industry’s most advanced voice powered music assistant, it is putting the power of voice to work for consumers to play any song, artist, playlist or radio station with a simple voice command. Melody is your personal music assistant that allows voice command access to millions of songs and thousands of radio stations via iHeartRadio, Spotify and other streaming services. Now you can connect with a vast selection of audio and musical content while you are multitasking, whether that’s driving, working out, or cooking. Melody plays whatever suits your mood or activity all with the convenience of simple voice commands. Speak Music is also partnered with iHome and Monster for an integrated and seamless experience on selected devices and headphones.

  • OmnyWay

    Amitaabh Malhotra, CMO

    The contextual commerce platform for the next generation of physical stores. OmnyWay addresses the major pain points around the current physical store shopping experience - long lines, complicated checkouts when applying coupons, rewards or payments, limited inventory and difficult to find items. OmnyWay virtualizes the entire in store experience from the moment the shopper walks in, while they browse for products and all the way through checkout. At the same time OmnyWay the frictionless checkout experience offered by OmnyWay allows retailers to steer shoppers to lower cost payment products while improving overall store operations. OmnyWay's new Impulse Buy product converts any surface into a point of commerce.

  • Decorator

    Vanessa Ronan, CEO

    Decorator is a platform to crowdsource interior design. We're building The Sims for real-life homes. It's social, so you upload photos of your home, and other people will redesign it for you. You can see how it looks with different wall colors and new furniture, then buy the paint and furniture you love most. Decorator is all about connecting people who need help designing their home with people who love decorating. Instead of limiting the design work to professionals, anyone who loves DIY projects or HGTV can share their creative ideas. It's fun for design enthusiasts, and free for homeowners!

  • Keyvon

    Kevin Sadrieh, Founder

    Keyvon is a website for commercial real estate what zillow is to residential currently serving over 47,000 users.

  • WishYoo

    Daniel Llinas, COO

    We are the TRUE evolution of the Greeting Card, a $23B industry that has been stagnant for the last 40 years. Our technology enables users to join voices, hand-written signatures and gift contributions in a common space. The result is a highly emotional and personal substitute of traditional paper cards that allows us to control the gifting process from the beginning trough a high-value product.

  • Dawex

    Didier Navez, VP Strategy & Alliances

    Dawex is the most advanced global data marketplace to buy, sell and exchange data securely and efficiently.Businesses generate new streams of revenues on Dawex by monetizing their data while other companies find on the marketplace high value data sources to complement their internal data. All types of data are traded on Dawex, including business, technical, customer and IoT-generated data. Data sets and data streams can be monetized on Dawex.


    David Hyman, CEO & Cofounder revolutionizes self-expression and remix culture, enabling anyone to magically insert themselves into any video by simply using the camera on their mobile phone.