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SFNT: 1.23: Bitcasa, PlayScreen, Evzdrop, Referly, Bugsnag, Maxthon, & more!

 SF New Tech
bitcasa Bitcasa Tony Gauda, CEO With Bitcasa, users can easily backup and consolidate all of their files and media into one Infinite Drive. The Bitcasa Infinite Drive acts like an external drive that users are already familiar with, except that it never runs out of space and is accessible from anywhere and any device.  @Bitcasa
Referly Referly Danielle Morrill, CEO Referly makes it easy for anyone to recommend products they love, and when those recommendations result in a sale they get paid. Earned money for sharing your expertise online has never been easier.   @referly
evzdrop Evzdrop David Rush, CEOEvzdrop is a location-based interest network that allows people to stay connected to what’s happening at places in real time. The free mobile app and Web platform allow users to “eavesdrop” to get an inside look at any place they’re interested in through the people who are present and posting about what’s going on at any given moment.  @Evzdrop
bugsnag Bugsnag Simon Maynard, Co-founder & CTOBugsnag is the best way to find and fix crashes in your web  and mobile apps. Crashes always happen, even in the best developer's code. Bugsnag's plugins automatically detect errors in your code  and notify you by email, sms, in your company chat room or  even create a ticket in your issues system.  @bugsnag
    Playscreen LLC PlayScreen, LLC William Volk, CCOWord Carnivale is a new iOS social game that pits you against your friends in Best-of-Three contests to find the most high scoring words--with the added dimension of balloon letters that pop off the screen as you find words.   Word Carnivale isn’t about trying to find obscure words--it’s all about about speed and the strategy of getting new letters to form new combinations.    @PlayScreen
maxthon Maxthon Karl Mattson, GM International Maxthon develops state-of-the-art multi-platform browsers that regularly outperform other top browsers.  Maxthon recently launched Maxthon Cloud Browser designed to provide users with a seamless and unified user experience across multiple platforms and devices. Users can now push web content (text, images, videos) to any of their devices and share it with friends, too, going well beyond simply sharing web links. Maxthon, which works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android is known for being lightning fast and leading in HTML5.   @maxthon
Soo Meta Soo Meta Tamas Szakal, CEO Soo Meta empowers bloggers & journalists to turn their stories into short movies in minutes. We integrate video, pictures, sound and text into a single format that is playable on every connected device. The content being used remains at the original location, we stream each piece of information when viewers hit the play button. The sources are automatically referenced and displayed so our stories are full of links back to the original context. @soometa
Community is a statewide coalition focused on championing the conversation about the future of California’s critical technology sector. brings together industry experts, thought leaders, tech innovators, policy makers and consumers in a non-partisan mission to promote innovation, create new jobs, spur investment and support tech-friendly policies. not only provides a medium for educating policy makers and for companies to network, but helps to connect the ideas of today for an economy of tomorrow. Our good friend Eric Ferraro is back! As a Shareholder at the law firm of LeClairRyan, Eric focuses his practice on the representation of private and public emerging and growth companies in the technology and digital media sectors as well as investors and financial services firms that focus on those industries. LeClairRyan is well-known as an entrepreneurial law firm that provides business counsel and client representation in matters of corporate law and high-stakes litigation. If you're in need of counsel for your startup call Eric first. Microsoft just launched the preview of their new, modern email service It brings a fresh and intuitive design, it connects your email to useful information from Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, it gives you a smarter inbox with the power of Office and SkyDrive, and since email is personal, it keeps you in control of your private data. Folks from the team will be at SFNT to show you the product, answer your questions and, of course, provide some swag. See it in action at