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SF New Tech : Belly Up @ Mars Bar – 7pm on 4/2

SF New Tech "Belly Up" is shaken, not Stirred.

It's more SF Alpha than SF Beta; more TechCream than TechCrunch.

Some Valleywags think it's!

Instantly find yourself in a bar, right smack in the center of the SF tech scene.

It's true -- just RSVP and show up.

No MC. No name tags. No presentations. No pressure.

(And no real help for those who have trouble introducing themselves to strangers. Sorry!)

Just belly up to the bar, hangin', talkin', drinkin', and maybe playing pool.

About The SF New Tech Belly Up Meetup:

The Belly Up Meetup isn't meant to replace our regular SF New Tech events where you see and hear from the latest and greatest new tech. This is just a celebration of the community. Why not a regularly scheduled hang-time over cocktails with no pressure? Cheers! Now there is, on the first Wednesday of every month. Enjoy.

Belly Up Buzz:

"I enjoy meeting a bunch of interesting people in such a short a time." — SB

"This was my very first BellyUp! Great people with great attitudes! Nice laid back time." — LS

"Great people, easy to get to know. Super Connections!" -- SS

"Great people!" - LZ

All very nice friendly people" - XV