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Of Flip Flops & The World’s Smoothest Shochu

   July is around the corner and given certain travel and vacation considerations (mine!) -- I've flipped the free  Belly Up bar schmooze to the second Wednesday in July (7/9) and moved our ticketed  demo event -- The 2008 Big Summer Geek Out  -- up to the first Wednesday of July (7/2), just before the holiday break.

Please don't let the date flip flop confuse you!


We're also very excited to welcome Haamonii Smooth, simply the world's smoothest shochu, on board as a cocktail sponsor for our Big Summer Geek Out!   This shochu is quite possibly the best you've ever tasted.  And if you haven't tasted shochu yet, you're in for a real treat.  

Big thanks to James Lim for bringing the booty -- we can't wait to raise a glass with you.