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News about Move Your App!, French Tech Tour, Geo-Local, Summer Social events and more (Discount Codes too!)


Happy Monday!  Here are some great upcoming events (and some news) from the world of SF New Tech. 

This was an email we just sent out to our awesome community.

#1 The Move Your App To The Next Level Developer Conference - 5/27 (Discount and Freebie Codes!)

#2 The Best of The French Tech Tour, as selected by SF New Tech - 6/8 (Discount and Freebie Codes!)

#3 Geo-Local SF New Tech - 6/16 - Save the Date!

#4 Summer Social @ Stonebrook Court Update: Change of Date, not Venue

See you soon!

Myles Weissleder
Founder, SF New Tech

#1 The Move Your App To The Next Level Developer Conference - 5/27

There's a movement afoot.  People are wising up on how to build great apps for mobile that are designed to make life better.  Snaptic, a company I've been helping along the way, is on the bleeding edge of app development that's truly bent on augmenting your brain with your smartphone.  And they're putting their money where their mouth is with their Move Your App To The Next Level Developer Conference on 5/27 here in San Francisco.

Here's the scoop....

The Move Your App To The Next Level Developer Conference on 5/27 (Thurs) is designed to help developers, you guessed it, get their mobile apps to the next level!   The event has an all star cast of speakers, including the keynotes by Mårten Mickos CEO of Eucalyptus Systems (former CEO of MySQL); Juan Enriquez Managing Partner, Excel Venture Management; George Zachary Charles River Ventures, Brian Chen, Wired; Marius A. Eriksen, Twitter; Jamie Taylor, Metaweb, and others.

Snaptic will also announce the winners from Phase I of their Move Your App! Android Developer Challenge that will send one lucky developer on an all expenses paid trip to Oxford for TED Global 2010 (and maybe even a lunch with Woz!).  You should submit your app to the challenge!

The Move Your App To The Next Level Developer Conference will take place from 11:30am to 6pm at Mighty in SF (familiar, eh?) and will segue into an open bar and full-on hackathon deep into the night.

As a member of SF New Tech we can offer you a special 1/2 OFF coupon. Yep, that's right, 50% off.   Just use the code "SFNewTech".    And even better -- the first 5 people to use the code "Bananas" will get in for FREE. 

Registration and information @

#2 The Best of The French Tech Tour, as selected by SF New Tech - 6/8

I've been a pretty lucky guy.  Thanks to SF New Tech, I've scored a
front row seat to some of the world's best new technologies.  I get to see stuff before it's ready for prime time.  And I get to choose all the ones that I like and then put them on stage at SF New Tech so they can share their latest and greatest tech with you all -- and the world.   It's great fun!  :)

So when the opportunity to review some technology companies coming over from France for the famed French Tech Tour came about -- I jumped on it.   The French Tech Tour is produced by Ubifrance, the French agency for international business development, to introduce fledgling French technology-based companies with the titans of Silicon Valley.

For a week straight they'll make the rounds and meet with the likes of Adobe, Apple, AT&T, Cisco, eBay, Fujitsu USA, Google, Intel Capital,Microsoft, Nokia USA, Qualcomm, Sony USA, Sprint, Symantec, and Verizon.   It's business development on espresso.

As part of the tour, SF New Tech was given the opportunity to review all the companies and hand-select 6 of them to jump on our stage and share in the spotlight on June 8th.

So, with great pleasure, I'd like to introduce you to 6 French
companies I thought would wow the room.  You'll notice a slight
departure from all the "Web 2.0" tech we see a lot of... and that's a good thing!

Introducing the best of The French Tech Tour, as selected by SF New Tech!

June 8, 2010

With live demos from . . .

Laster Technologies
Zile Liu, CEO
LASTER Technologies has developed stylish and ergonomic informative eyewear technology designed to enhance vision sunglasses, helmets, goggles, and masks for medical, military, civil-security, and industrial maintenance applications at a reasonable price. As a light weight and stylish accessory, it connects to personal or mobile devices, providing unequalled mobile displays.
Patrice Jolly, CEO
AlphaUI provides innovative back-typing solutions for mobile devices. Based on intensive R&D on ergonomic finger placement and psycho-visual information displays, the company delivers natural handling comfort and improved typing efficiency.
Éric Delattre, CEO
Lexip manufactures 3D mice that allow users to fully benefit from all features of 3D applications, promoting the concept that design and navigation has to be driven through a universal, intuitive, ergonomic and efficient one-handed device.
Henri Binztok, CEO
MLstate has developed a new, original, and integrated solution to the problem of building and running secure web applications. Relying on formal methods and mathematical proofs, their technology relies upon incredibly advanced typing algorithm for enhanced security.
Mobile Distillery
Tim Baker, Director of Marketing
Mobile Distillery helps businesses go mobile, by providing a unique cross-platform technology that will run their applications on all existing and future phones. This allows businesses to concentrate on the resolution of business problems, rather than on mobile phone complexity.
Pierre Duchesne, CEO
AVOB helps companies improve the efficiency of their IT infrastructure and “go green”, by cutting costs (up to 70% savings) and eliminating wasteful use. AVOB not only ensures that all computers switch to sleep mode when users are away, it assesses power-consumption in real time when in use, and instantly allocates computer power depending on user needs.
Please join us!

Discount codes are below.  (And please expect a formal announcement coming real soon.)

25 tickets are 10.00% Off with the code : june8th-isnoozed 25 tickets are 25.00% Off with the code : june8th-whatadeal 25 tickets are 50.00% Off with the code : june8th-yeahbaby 25 tickets are 100.00% Off with the code: june8th-seeyouthere
Register @


#3 Geo-Local SF New Tech - 6/16 - Save the Date!

We've got a great evening planned to dive deep into Geo-Local with demos followed by a panel discussion.  We're still nailing down the final details, but expect to hear from Quova, DoubleDutch, Loopt, Brightkite, PlacePop and more. More details coming soon.  Save the date now.  (And don't hesitate to inquire about sponsorship of this event!)


#4 Summer Social @ Stonebrook Court Update: Change of Date, not Venue

You may remember our beating the drum about the big Summer Social at Stonebrook Court ( event we announced for June 11th.  We had to change the date and are now scheduled for July 23rd (vs June 11).   More details forthcoming on this one.  (And yes, there ARE sponsorship opportunities to be had at this one too… ping us!)

Thank you!