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  • siyea

    Matt Shapiro, CEO & Co-Founder

    Protect your revenue by creating realistic payment options for your past-due customers. siyea uses machine learning & AI elevating accounts receivable. Our goal is to protect and optimize the revenue on your books. We stop the revenue draining away to collection agencies or draining from costly internal practices. Our solution helps businesses & customers- everyone wins!

  • Track

    Trent Bigelow, CEO

    Track makes it easy to withhold enough for self-employment taxes every time you get paid. Our app connects to your bank account and whenever it sees you’ve earned new 1099 income, it automatically calculates and sets aside enough for taxes into a free Tax Savings Account so you never spend what you owe.

  • Equbot

    Chida Khatua, Founder & CEO

    Equbot is Augmented Artificial Intelligence with deep financial analysis for Active management of equity fund. With Equbot you can manage your stock portfolio and invest intelligently. Equbot uses proprietary algorithm in Financial Analysis and Machine learning to manage stock portfolio.