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5.19: SFNT: Innovation Down Under: It’s Australian Tech Night!

May 19, 2016

Innovation Down Under: It's Australian Tech Night!
Geekdom @ Rackspace - 620 Folsom, SF, CA (map)
6:00 - 7:00 - Networking, free tacos, free beer
7:00 - 9:30 - Demos!

You're invited to "Innovation Down Under" -- a very special Australian Tech Night!

Join us at Geekdom @ Rackspace to see and hear from ten of Australia's most promising and innovative startups. Attendees will get a first look of what's brewing down under, meet and network with new and fascinating people, get to know some of SF's greatest early adopters and influencers, and then some.

We'll dive deep with Australian companies working on aquatic drones, efficiencies for delivery drivers, advancements in EdTech, creativity kits and space exploration for kids, social e-commerce transactions, web dev wizardry, stress mitigation and more!

This special event is in partnership with muru-D, a startup accelerator backed by Telstra.

Tickets are FREE.
Tacos from the taco truck are FREE.
Beer is FREE.

What are you waiting for, mate? We're looking forward to seeing you at Geekdom!

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  • Uprise

    Jay Spence, Co-Founder & CEO

    Uprise is an online well-being platform that helps minimise staff turnover by monitoring workforce stress levels at a quarter of the cost of current employee assistance programs.

  • Drive Yello

    Steve Fanale, Co-Founder & CEO

    Drive Yello ensures the efficient and reliable delivery of food by allowing food service businesses to recruit, book, manage, pay, train and monitor their delivery drivers.

  • Abyss Solutions

    Masood Naqshbandi,, Co-­Founder & CMO

    Abyss Solutions is automating underwater asset inspections by deploying autonomous aquatic drones and using machine learning to detect faults from the data collected.

  • ELLA

    Atul Pandey, Co-Founder & CEO

    ELLA creates better teachers by providing a professional learning platform that helps manage mandatory accreditation requirements and recommends peer­-reviewed teaching strategies to suit their classroom needs.

  • Fluid Education

    Giorgio Doueihi, Founder & CEO

    Fluid allows struggling students to get help from their classmates. By combining Q&A boards and group chat into a single app, Fluid creates a safe and productive environment for students to receive feedback and improve their learning.

  • Helian Systems

    Luke Taylor, Co-Founder & CEO

    Helian is an enterprise grade platform that makes it easy for customers to create a network of smart products that can communicate to improve operations and monitor assets.

  • Our Little Foxes

    Phoebe Adams, Co-Founder & CEO

    Our Little Foxes delivers monthly creativity kits to children aged 3­-10. An online forum allows children to express themselves creatively and connect with fellow foxes around world.

  • Persollo

    Olga Oleinikova, Co-Founder & CEO

    Persollo is an e­commerce platform that allows online businesses and independent merchants to streamline the transaction process with an instant check­out URL over any digital platform or social network.

  • Quberider

    Solange Cunin, Co-F­ounder & CEO

    Quberider’s mission is to get students and teachers excited about STEM through space exploration. By physically sending their own experiments to outer space students learn important skills like coding and data analytics.

  • Simpla

    Sean King, Co-Founder & CEO

    Simpla is a tool that makes building and editing web content easier. It radically reduces development time and allows end-­users to edit their site directly inline.