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After the bash

211 happy go lucky techsters bounced off the walls at Mighty last night at the SF New Tech Holiday Bash!

OK, maybe just millin' around, grooving, and making nice with each other over cold, "free", drinks. Lots of connections made last night.

Anthony was spinning too, if you noticed, and only once did I see a few kicked up feet out there on the pine. And that's just fine.

Although one nice woman did ask me to turn the music *down* last night. C'est la vie -- it was a party!

And a damn good one, if I do say so myself!   Check it out ...

(Btw, did you notice the live stream of photos in the back corner?  Sent via wifi from the roaming camera.  It was pretty cool.  Ion from had it goin' on!)

And another BIG thanks to our  . . .

Azure Capital Partners



Bateman Group

Revenue Chic


Sandbox Suites


BOCA Communications

You guys rock!

Up next -- 12/17 special event @ Dolby Labs ... Stay tuned!