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9/4 SF New Tech Rocks — and more!


Lots of stuff going on in SF New Techland!

For starters, and most importantly -- we're going to be ROCKIN' next week...   right smack in the intersection of music and technology, so hold on tight.

Join us on Sept 4th (next Thursday!) @ Mighty for SF New Tech Rocks an event we're throwing in partnership with the SanFran MusicTech Summit.

Live demos on tap from:

  1.'s Jeff Yasuda, CEO & Founder (
  2.  ArtistForce's Jonathan Romley, CEO & Founder (
  3.  JamLegend's Andrew Lee, CEO (
  4.  ProjectPlaylist's Brenda Walker, Content Maven (
  5.  imthemusic's Roseanne Wincek, Co-Founder & Product Manager (

Register here:


Big thanks to our Platinum and Community sponsors:

* Sun Startup Essentials:  Boost your startup with free tools and resources from Sun!  (And enter to win an iPod Touch!)
* Bullivant Houser Bailey: Your one stop for all your legal tech needs. 
* ServePath's GoGrid:  Making the term "grid", er ... no "cloud".  a household word.
* Tractor: Keen design, UI, and coding expertise at your fingertips. ,

And thanks to FutureWorks, and Mylermedia for their continued support.




Since SF New Tech is all about the tech community, here are some other events you may be interested in attending, with discounts galore:

1) Startonomics.   Brought to us by our friends at Dealmaker Media, and in partnership with 500-hat wearing Dave McClure, Startonomics is a full day workshop on October 2, 2008 about how to break down and leverage the metrics of success for your startup.   They don't teach you this shit at school -- so you'd really be well-served to file this one under "important event not to miss".   SF New Tech peeps will receive a nice discount: the first 20 members to register using the discount code "SFMU08" will receive $100 bucks off the regular ticket price.   More info and registration @
2) SanFran Music Summit.   Brian Zisk has been bringing together the best-of-the-best minds in the world of music to demonstrate and discuss strides in technology in the music space.   In fact, Brian helped us put together the little nugget we're throwing on 9/4 @ Mighty (see above).   If you're interested in diving in really deep, you ought to mark October 20th down and show up @ the SanFran MusicTech Summit.   SF New Techers get a 10% discount off  tickets.  Just use "sfnewtech" as your discount code and you'll be golden.  More info and registration:

3) DEMOfall.  Yep.  It's that time again, when some of the coolest new tech is unveiled for the very first time to the drooling media.   For 18+ years DEMO has been the premier event for launching new products and brands to the world.   If you'd like to join us in San Diego on Sept 7-9, 2008 (yep, I'll be down there) please leverage your SF New Tech cred and effectuate your DEMO ticket discount by clicking here:  (There's a similar conference going on at the same time with more expensive tickets.  You've got a better deal with our discount code.   Plus, those folks don't reply to my emails so I'm not sure how much they really listen to new startups.)

4) Very Crunchy Happy Hour.   OK, so let's say you don't have $3k to hang out with a stuffy convention center full of sweaty entrepreneurs.   There's still hope --  right across the street on September 8th and 9th at the Mars Bar, the chimpsters are back in action for your networking and imbibing pleasure.  $2 icy cold beers, $2 shots; pool tourneys; giveaways; wifi and more as continues to celebrate the evolution of the social web (see   In fact, schmooze on up to a chimpster and you may get invited in to the private beta (yes, for real), and then you'll be 10x cooler than the folks across street.  Guaranteed.   RSVP @    [Disclosure:  I'm a shareholder ... and I was just down in Hawaii riding waves with the team.  Really, it's *that* kind of company.]

That's it for now folks.

See you around, I hope!