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9.26 SFNT: Today’s Mobile Social Gaming Indie Developer Toolkit

 SF New Tech

Today’s Indie Developer Toolkit Tips and tricks for small devs to reach big audiences

SF New Tech invites you to join GREE and a suite of companies including Unity, Adobe, Chartboost and Swrve, to learn about the tools they offer small devs to reach a large audience. Plus, gain insight from indie developer SkyVu, as they share their experience building an indie mobile gaming brand with global renown. Admission is free, and we will be raffling off several coveted items including a Unity Pro license, an Adobe Creative Suite & more. You won’t want to miss this! Where: Mighty, 119 Utah Street, San Francisco When: Wednesday, September 26th, 5:30-9:00pm 5:30-7:30pm: Free taco truck, networking & raffle. 7:30-8:30pm: Demos by GREE, Unity, Adobe, Chartboost, Swrve & SkyVu. 8:30-9:00pm: “Reaching Big Audiences,” roundtable discussion. Speakers Include: David Chu, Director of Developer Marketing, GREE--GREE Platform enhances the power of play with a cross-platform SDK, a flexible API suite and a robust toolset, enabling social mobile game developers to best take advantage of the global gaming market. Join GREE’s David Chu as he walks you through GREE Platform, and all the features and benefits it offers indie developers.

Andy Hall, Gaming Evangelist, Adobe Systems--Optimize your mobile game with project Monocle. Adobe evangelist, Andy Hall, will provide a sneak peek of project Monocle, a new tool to optimize your Flash and AIR based desktop and mobile games.


Joe Robins, Community Evangelist, Unity Technologies--Joe Robins demo's Unity and its key features in a lightening fast tour of the tools that focuses on the unique features that have helped make a 3 man start up from Copenhagen, Denmark into a multi-national company of 200+ employees and given a generation of developers the tools they need to create interactive 3d content and games.

Christine Lee, Business Development Lead, North America, Chartboost--Join Christine Lee as she provides a brief introduction of Chartboost, the cross promotion platform, the games interstitial network, and the direct deals platform. She'll also demo the product and walk-through the dashboard with creative examples.


Tom Farrell, Marketing Director, Swrve--Tom will demonstrate Swrve's unique app optimization platform - enabling game developers to manage the segmentation, testing and analysis of players and resources in order to maximize acquisition, retention and monetization rates.

Andrew Sipotz, Lead Producer, SkyVu--Learn how to build and leverage brand engagement on mobile. Andrew will take you on a light-hearted journey to learn how you too can get your audience to fall in love with bears that kill each other.

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