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7/2 is the 2008 Big Summer Geek Out!

On July 2nd, we'll be right smack in the middle of summer in San Francisco... the perfect time for an old-fashioned Big Summer Geek Out!

Come on down to Mighty, grab a drink, meet cool people, see live 5-minute tech demos, ask questions, grab the mic, have fun... and geek out!


Tickets on sale NOW:

Demos on tap ...

Brook Eaton, Founder/CEO
SnappyStuff provides a snap shot of what you own and a system to help sell, trade and share it.

Robert Yau, Founder/CEO
MyDogSpace is a social network for ... dogs!

Taylor Norris, Founder/CEO
Govit brings direct democracy to US citizens, helping voters learn about, discuss, and vote on active legislation.  Members can vote on active legislation and have their vote sent instantly to their elected representatives.

Vinnie Lauria, Top Dog
Lefora brings forums from the dark ages to the present by providing easy to use free forum hosting, forum software, forum installation,  and help promoting your forum.

Nik Bonaddio, Creative Director
Spongecell makes online media more engaging, by applying vertical solutions to standard marketing techniques.  Spongecell’s new Rich Media Ad, allows promoters to embed social, viral, and event-based functionalities into their ads.

Gleb Budman, CEO/Co-Founder
Backblaze provides the "easiest" online backup service to enable everyone to backup. TechCrunch says Backblaze provides “Online Backup With Time Machine’s Finesse” and Ars Technica writes the company is “Making off-site backups brainless."

Before the demos ...

    * Enter the drawing to win a 16GB iPod Touch from Sun Startup Essentials while registering for your ticket to the event or by dropping your card at the door. (You must be present to win!)
    * Enjoy a free tasting of Haamonii Smooth , simply the world's smoothest shochu.  (It's the best!)
    * Munch on some kick ass sushi in the back room. (Early bird gets the worm!)
After the demos ...

    * Grab the microphone and speak to the room on the famous 60-Second Soapbox. Express that need, want or desire in 60 seconds -- GO! (Each one is logged online so people can find you later!)
    * Hang out and keep the conversation going...

$15.00 online @
$20.00 at the door, if not sold out
Mighty is a 21+ venue.

6:30 pm - Doors open
6:30 -7:30 pm - Schmooze
7:30 - 9:00 pm - Demos
9:00 - 11:00 pm Schmooze


Tickets on sale NOW: