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5.2: Pirates of Santa Cruz Valley!

May 2, 2018


On Wednesday, May 2, in partnership with Santa Cruz Works, we're shining a light on hot new tech from Santa Cruz: The Pirates of Santa Cruz Valley!

From electric skateboards and IOT for water consumption to new payment systems and dog food delivery -- you'll be knee-deep in some of the best new tech to come out of Santa Cruz.

The first 20 tickets are FREE.
Early birds score $15 tickets, late birds pay $20.

Light beverages and food will be served.

Arrrrrg, matey -- join us!

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Jeremy Almond


Keri Waters

CEO & Co-Founder
Buoy Labs

Sol Lipman

Top Doggie

Ryan Evans

CEO & Co-Founder
Inboard Technology


  • Inboard Technology

    Ryan Evans, CEO & Co-Founder

    Inboard Technology is changing last mile transportation, starting with the Inboard M1 electric skateboard

  • YaDoggie

    Sol Lipman, Top Doggie

    Ya Doggie® is a new kind of dog food company that melds delicious, super healthy food with technology and convenience.

  • Buoy Labs

    Keri Waters, CEO & Co-Founder

    Buoy is a smart home water device that attaches to your water line and sends real-time data to an app that categorizes your water use, alerts you to leaks, and gives you the power to shut off water remotely.

  • Paystand

    Jeremy Almond, CEO

    The modern B2B payment platform, designed for today's Internet. Accept eChecks, eCash and credit cards on your site and mobile device.