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5.2: Las Vegas’s Awesome New Tech @ The InNEVation Center

newtechtour Ready to Get INSPIRED Las Vegas?

Join us at the InNEVation Center on Thursday, May 2nd, for an amazing and inspiring event where the drinks are cold and the ideas are red hot!

Come meet up with Las Vegas's tech community who'll be taking to the stage and showing off some of their new tech!



Joe Herrera, CEO

Destroy Boredom with Tabeso.  Tabeso is an iPhone app that connects the best event information in the world and combines that data with your social connections. Whether you're looking for free plays in th park, or the best concerts coming to your town...we gather data from sources across the globe and put them at your finger tips. And we give you the world's best sharing features so that you can easily attend events with your friends and family. //  @tabeso


ALICE Receptionist (WinTech LLC)

Mike Yoder, CTO

ALICE, the 2-Way virtual video receptionist is changing the future of your front desk or lobby. ALICE is the last receptionist you'll ever hire. #VegasTech proud. // @alicereception

nihongomasterlogoNihongo Master

Taylor Dondich, Founder

Nihongo Master is an online social language learning experience. Immediately you realize you are learning alongside other people and are rewarded for competing and collaborating with others. Scoring points and gaining achievements makes learning a language fun and keeps you engaged. // @masternihongo // @tdondich

Brian Liebzeit, Founder

It's not just your stuff, it's your history. Create and share your own museum of personal objects and the memories they hold.


LAZYHusbnadLazyHusband by MER LV Labs

Ethan Duggan, 12 year old developer

When it’s too hard to actually say it, LazyHusband comes to your rescue.  One day, my mom came home with a bunch of new clothes. She kept asking me how she looked. Then I realized, "I have a smart phone in my hand." So I recorded myself saying "You look wonderful." I decided to make that into an app. So over the summer, I taught myself Javascript, HTML, and CSS. It took a few months, but I built the app (using Phonegap) then eventually got it approved by Apple. I also built an Android and Kindle version. All 3 version launched at SXSW. Since then, I've build LazyKid and LazyWife and just started on my next app, Bargument. // @lazyhusbandapp // @ethanduggan



Mickey Hernandez, Founder and CEO

imagoo is a real-time social polling app and Web platform that lets consumers, brands and businesses issue challenges and comparisons and vote on content. // @imagoochallenge