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10.10 SFNT: You’re So Money! With Stripe, CannedBanners, Lexity, Paymentwall, checkya!, Kachingle, Shopify, and more

 SF New Tech

Diving in deep with companies that are at the forefront of enabling the flow of cash online, as well as those who help convert clicks into sales.

Whether you call it e-commerce or just plain commerce -- it's money, baby.

Show me the Money

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Doors Open @ 5:30 Demos Begin @ 7:30

Mighty @ 119 Utah


Demos & Discussions with:

  stripe Stripe Michael Schade, Head of Support Integrate credit card payments into your app quickly and easily. Simple REST API with idiomatic client libraries in PHP, Python, Ruby, Java and more. No monthly fees or contracts. // @stripe curl \     -u sk_f718696700c8ba70a30e6936bd9a55cc: \     -d "card=tok_B1sXyHf5wFCgFd" \     -d amount=4200 \     -d currency=usd \     -d "description=Llamas for SF New Tech"   Lexity Lexity Michael Lai, All-Nerd Lexity is building an eCommerce-focused app platform that will allow developers to integrate once, and have their apps and services immediately available on the many eCommerce platforms that Lexity supports. // @lxty
Canned Banners Myles Younger, CEO Canned Banners automatically generates product ads for online display ad and retargeting campaigns. / @cannedbanners
Paymentwall Jon Wintermeyer, Business Development Manager Paymentwall allows users all over the world to buy digital content, virtual goods and subscriptions utilizing any of the 85+ local payment solutions covering various payment types (credit card, debit card, mobile, landline, prepaid, ATM, terminal, bank transfer, direct debit and offers). The solution is available in 20+ languages to developers and end-users in over 200 countries. Paymentwall is privately funded with offices in Berlin, San Francisco, Istanbul, Manila and Kiev.
checkya Charles Zhang, Founder checkya! is a simple tool for anyone to sell physical products, digital goods, or collect donations for a cause. It is unique that it connects creators, buyer, and sellers together in a network. You can follow people and endorse products that you like.  When a person endorses your product, people that visits her profile will not only see the product she is selling but also your product that she endorsed. We are essentially putting a record of a word of mouth online.  For musicians and video producers, we offer a enticing way for vistors to preview their music & videos and also a secure download after a customer buys their goods.  We're currently in beta, but you can signup for the site using the beta invite code: sfnewtech.
Kagingle Fred Dewey, CEO Kachingle is a "Turbocharged App Monetization Platform".  App vendors today need an ongoing source of revenue because for most app and service providers, advertising, download fees and the Freemium model are just not producing enough revenue on which to build a profitable/sustainable business model. And with the explosion in the number of apps, app discoverability has become a big problem. Kachingle is meeting this critical need by providing bundle marketing for pc/web & mobile apps, giving users a compelling reason to start paying, and app vendors a 2x-5x revenue uplift. One of our early partners Avira (Freemium anti-virus/security) is bringing their 105 million users to the table. With Kachingle, app vendors and users can build their own bundles, allowing users to maximize value and app vendors to maximize ongoing revenue. // @Kachingle
shopify Brennan Loh, Head of Business Development Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create awesome online stores. Shopify currently hosts more than 30,000 active online retailers, including: Gatorade, Amnesty International, General Electric, Tesla Motors, LMFAO, Foo Fighters, Encyclopædia Britannica, DODOcase, Penny Arcade, CrossFit, GitHub, Evernote, and Epic Meal Time. // @shopify
$15.00 for early bird online tickets
$25.00 for all other (late bird) online tickets
$30.00 cash at the door if not sold out  
Schedule: 5:30 pm - Doors & Bar Open
5:30 -7:00 pm - Schmooze and Free Tacos! 7:30 - 9:30 pm - Live Demos 9:30 - 11:00 pm - Schmooze
*Mighty is a 21+ venue.



SF New Tech Sponsors

spongecell Spongecell is a creative technology company that makes it easy to enhance standard banner ads with rich interactive features—video, interactive mapping, carousels, social media and more! We bring speed and scale to the interactive display space, creating richer ad experiences that increase consumer interaction and deliver higher quality brand engagement. And best of all: we're hiring! See your next job @ is a statewide coalition focused on championing the conversation about the future of California’s critical technology sector. brings together industry experts, thought leaders, tech innovators, policy makers and consumers in a non-partisan mission to promote innovation, create new jobs, spur investment and support tech-friendly policies. not only provides a medium for educating policy makers and for companies to network, but helps to connect the ideas of today for an economy of tomorrow.
LeClairRyan Our good friend Eric Ferraro is back! As a Shareholder at the law firm of LeClairRyan, Eric focuses his practice on the representation of private and public emerging and growth companies in the technology and digital media sectors as well as investors and financial services firms that focus on those industries. LeClairRyan is well-known as an entrepreneurial law firm that provides business counsel and client representation in matters of corporate law and high-stakes litigation. If you're in need of counsel for your startup call Eric first.


btrax, Inc. is a San Francisco based creative agency serving global markets for over 6 years. Our team has a wide range of experience from handling UI Design, User Experience Consulting, Social Media Marketing, Branding and Identity, Startup Prototypes, Mobile development, to website localization for the Asian market. We are proud to be a Platinum sponsor of SF New Tech and serving them as their creative partner. Microsoft just launched the preview of their new, modern email service It brings a fresh and intuitive design, it connects your email to useful information from Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, it gives you a smarter inbox with the power of Office and SkyDrive, and since email is personal, it keeps you in control of your private data. Folks from the team will be at SFNT to show you the product, answer your questions and, of course, provide some swag. See it in action at
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