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1/25 New Year, New Tech! Meet & See Tethras, IQ Engines, Capy, HeardAbout, RAVN, & more!

January 25, 2012

New Year, New Tech!

Mighty @ 119 Utah

Doors open @ 5:30 Demos @ 7:30


Tethras Tethras Brendan Clavin, CTO & Co-Founder Tethras can prepare and localize an iOS app in 5 minutes, and increase global sales.  //@tethras

IQ Engines IQ Engines   Gerry Pesavento, CEO & Andrew Stadlen, Director of Business Development IQ Engines' smart camera uses an image recognition API to power visual search applications. // @IQEngines

Capy    Dr. Mitsuo Okada, CEO  Capy is a frustration free Captcha technique for mobile and tablet devices.

HeardAbout HeardAbout    Marc St Raymond, Co-Founder & CEO    HeardAbout provides dish recommendations from local chefs and bloggers along with free offers for food+drink discounts and experiences. // @heardabout

RAVN  Jonathan Wu and Dennis Liu, Co-Founders RAVN Events is a local's insider guide to the city. It's the fastest way to the find the top things happening around you. // @goravn AND