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12.17 SF New Tech: Bina, Versal, Fitmo, Postmob, Xero, GoodCall and more!

December 17, 2014

Discover & Discuss!
An inspiring evening of live demos from innovators
with an open floor for tough questions from SF's digerati. 
6:15 - 7:30 pm     Free drinks thanks to Sage Human Capital
7:30 - 9:30 pm     Live Demos & Spirited Discussions
Moderated by:
Myles Weissleder
Myles Weissleder Founder, SF New Tech
Bina Technologies
Sharon Barr, CTO
Bina builds software products that analyze Genomic data at speed, accuracy, and comprehensive manner.  The human genome was first sequenced in 2003 after fifteen years of hard work and cost three billion dollars. Today, the recent availability of sequencing the entire human genome with ~$1000 and 24 hours brings a once-in-a-lifetime technology disruption. This disruption has brought great challenges and opportunities to the data analytics market, all the way up to personalized medicine practices, and Bina is positioned at the heart of this value chain. Bina innovation includes distributed system infrastructure to process genomic data in parallel, at speed and ease of use. the technology stack includes system level and unix programing, distribution system best practices, Hadoop, NoSql, REST API, Angular for UI and more. //
Carlos Cuadra, Head of Content & Author Relations
Versal is a new way for teachers to easily create fun and interactive online courses, homework assignments, in-class lessons and more…no coding required. Share your creations via Versal, or embed courses directly into a blog, class website, or an LMS. Versal is free and open to anyone with knowledge and the desire to share it. //
Steijn Pelle, Co-Founder & COO
Make a real personal trainer 24/7 available & affordable for everyone. Because you probably lie to Runkeeper, but not to a human being who's motivating you on top of your health data.
Ibian Hodgson CEO
Tomo Marinkovic, CMO
Postmob wants to connect all travelers with packages.
Arthur Garcia, Regional Sales Director
Xero is beautiful online accounting software for your small business with access anytime, anywhere. See why Xero is loved by over 370,000 small businesses at //
Nick Holmes à Court, CEO
Lee Shepard, Growth
Smart automation and deep insights to help you get the most out of outbound email.
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