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1/12 SF New Tech: Mobile, baby! With apptizr, frog design, RadioWeave, Personal Caregiver, Polka, VeloComputer, iSpy, and more!


January 12, 2010
SF New Tech
@ Mighty - 119 Utah
We're going mobile, baby!

Moblie App Demos on tap...


David Li & Aren Sandersen, Co-founders  

Apptizr is a free app and web-based service providing iPhone and iPod Touch users with personalized app recommendations based on their tastes. Similar to Pandora, Apptizr's algorithm learns users' likes and dislikes, resulting in highly relevant and personalized app recommendations.

frog design   
Mike Goos, Director of Product Management   
Frog Design will demo two mobile social networking apps: tvChatter, leveraging Twitter for entertainment & Temptd, leveraging Facebook for helping people kick bad habits.


Brent Noorda, CEO   
RadioWeave's multiple mobile clients provide a companion to keep you always entertained, informed, and socially connected, wherever you are and whatever you're doing.  RadioWeave represents the next 100 years of radio - combining the social web with traditional aspect of radio in an open, cloud-based, audio-distribution platform.

Personal Caregiver

Dan Bernstein, CEO & Founder   

Personal Caregiver's Mobile Medication Manager on your iPhone or iPod Touch includes receiving reminders for dose times and refills.  Caregiver, Personal, Premium & Professional help you Manage Medications for yourself and those you care for, wherever you are.

Mike Kirkwood, CEO   
Polka helps you manage health activity streams on the web and iPhone.  We will demonstrate how a person becomes the center of their health network when they bring in feeds from their health providers and their own personal observations.

Vlad Savchenko, CEO   

VeloComputer™ transforms your phone into an advanced cycling computer with GPS tracking, cadence and audible feedback with VeloTones. Keep your eyes on the road not your display!

Greg Gerber, Founder   
iSpy with my little eye... A global, crowdsourced, never ending scavenger hunt.  Become the top Spy in your city by creating and playing each others iSpy games.