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6.29: SFNT @ Rackspace : CleverTap, Boombotix, El Loco, Kokko, Ampslide, The/Studio, The Fight for the Open Web, and more!

June 29, 2016

6.29: SFNT with CleverTap, Boombotix, El Loco, Kokko, Ampslide, The/Studio, a deep dive into the fight for the Open Web, and more!

Wednesday June 29, 2016
Geekdom @ Rackspace
620 Folsom, SF, CA

We're cruising into summer with a great excuse to tip one back with some fellow geeks.

Join us @ Rackspace Geekdom on Wednesday, June 29th for a definitive night of tech talk, new tech demos, free beer, free tacos (thanks to Sonic!), and all around great interactions in every corner.

SF New Tech provides the community a platform to get the conversation started and meet people who will help you meet more people and grow your business.

We are a mixed bag of tech lovers, dreamers, doers, thinkers, builders, game-changers, go-getters, term sheet seekers, scenesters and then some.

We're an eclectic cross-section of everything-tech in our everything-tech town.

We're about 20k strong and we still don't bite.

Come join us! See who else will be there by clicking here!

5:30 - Welcome. Free Beer!
6:00 - Free Tacos! Taco truck arrives!
7:00 - 9:00 - Demos & Discussions
9:15 - 60 Second Pitches - Open mic for geeks. Grab it.

First 50 tickets are free. Go!

See you there!

Tacos Sponsored by Sonic:
Sonic is an Internet Service Provider headquartered in the Bay Area and has delivered Internet connectivity for the past 22 years with the mission of bringing Internet Freedom to All. By standing up for privacy, intelligent and local customer support, uncapped bandwidth, and affordable pricing for all products, Sonic's customer advocacy is paving the way for a better Internet.

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  • The Fight for the Open Web

    Marc Canter & Ben Werdmuller, Freedom Fighters

    ​Marc and Ben will discuss the status of the Open Web platform and the open standards ​and behavior patterns ​surrounding that platform. They will also overview the Indie Web which wants to help everyone publish their ideas online without being subject to anybody else’s rules or restrictions. The IndieWeb Web wants to build an open social web that everyone can participate in.

  • Boombotix

    Lief Storer, President/Founder

    Boombotix designs and develops audio devices and technologies.

  • El Loco

    Kee Nethery, CEO

    Helping you add languages to your iOS apps; faster, cheaper, and better, all three.

  • CleverTap

    Monica Puchner, Marketing Director

    CleverTap is a mobile user Engagement and Analytics platform for marketers and developers. Segment users based on activity and engage them using personalized messaging via push, in-app notifications and email and retargeting campaigns. Free up to 1M events/month with unlimited users and messaging.

  • Kokko

    Nina Bhatti, CEO

    Kokko, personalized shopping experiences through color science. Kokko is the first provider of color accuracy for mobile e-commerce. Color is the #1 problem for online cosmetics shopping. Applying its proprietary image calibration and color recognition technology to the cosmetics industry, Kokko will revolutionize makeup discovery and purchase and provide a “ready made” mobile sales channel for beauty brands. Simply using her cell phone to take a selfie with our ColorChart, a woman can get instant recommendations for products that best match her skin tone across all available brands. For the first time, a woman can purchase color cosmetics online with ease and confidence. You can get a FREE color chart (limited quantities available) by visiting here.

  • Ampslide

    Shing Wong, Founder & CEO

    Are you looking for customers or social media buzz for your product or service? Use Ampslide for your next presentation to engage with your audience, identify prospects, and create organic social media buzz in real-time.

  • The/Studio

    Joseph Heller, CEO

    The/Studio is a modern on-demand manufacturing platform for the apparel and accessories space. Brands and individuals can easily design and manufacture apparel and accessories with no minimums and quick turnaround times; essentially digitizing an industry that in many ways hasn't changed much since the 19th Century.