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2.24 SFNT @ Mighty! With Back to the Roots, Litterati, Foundersuite, Red Clay, Spot Angels, Aircall, Pivotal Labs, ChangeNexus and more!

February 24, 2016

Join us for some insight on what's around the corner, that warm community love you crave, and an inspiring evening you won't soon forget!

Mighty @ 119 Utah, SF, CA

5:30p - Free tacos for the first 150 in the door because we love you.  Cold drinks at the bar. Amazing people and conversations to join all over the place.

7:30p - 5 minute demos from inspiring startups that are killing it, followed by a grueling 5 minute Q & A from SF's best and brightest tech lovers.

 We're going deep with …

* Back to the Roots - Innovating with food.
* Foundersuite - Helping startups get sh*t done.
* Litterati - A litter-free world through data.
* Red Clay - Industrial designs to real products, faster.
* Spot Angels - Fixing parking with data.
* Aircall - The “best phone system”.
* Pivotal Labs - Transforming how the world builds software.
* ChangeNexus - Changing the world with a capital C.
* And more!

Join us! You know you want to.

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Nikhil Arora

Back To The Roots

Nathan Beckord

Founder & CEO

Jeff Kirschner

Founder & CEO

Jay Hum

Senior Product Manager
Pivotal Labs

Clement Bruneau

US Country Manager

Paul "Change" Wilson


Abby Kiefer

CEO & Co-Founder
Red Clay

Hamza Ouazzani Chahdi

Spot Angels


  • Back to the Roots

    Nikhil Arora, Co-Founder

    Back to the Roots is on a mission to make food personal again through its award-winning line of “ready-to-grow” and “ready-to-eat” products that include the Mushroom Farm, Water Garden, Garden-in-a-Can, Stoneground Flakes Cereal, and Breakfast Toppers.

  • Foundersuite

    Nathan Beckord, CEO & Founder

    Foundersuite helps get sh*t done. Founders needed a navigation system to guide their companies and a set of startup-specific tools to work more efficiently and effectively. We’ll be showing off our all-new Investor Search + CRM tool, which is a “kanban-style” board to help founders find investors and manage their fundraise.

  • Litterati

    Jeff Kirschner, CEO & Founder

    Litterati is building the world’s largest database of litter. Through the use of social media and the data collected from individuals picking up litter, we hope to find ways to work with brands, cities and government organizations to prevent litter from ever reaching the ground.

  • Red Clay

    Abby Kiefer, CEO & Co-Founder

    Red Clay makes it fast and easy to match with top industrial design talent and turn your product idea into manufacture-ready technical files faster than any other process. We believe that the retail industry is going through a massive technology revolution, and we are ahead of the curve when it comes to the new way to do product design.

  • Spot Angels

    Hamza Ouazzani Chahdi, Co-Founder

    Our goal is to fix parking with data. We’re starting by saving drivers from parking tickets. We send them a first push notification when they park to inform them about the parking rules. If they are at risk of getting a ticket we send them a second push notification 20 minutes before they need to move the car.

  • Aircall

    Clement Bruneau, US Country Manager

    Aircall is the fastest and easiest way to set up your phone system, wherever your team is. You can seamlessly plug your CRM/help desk, use your existing devices and better collaborate with your team.

  • Pivotal Labs

    Jay Hum, Senior Product Manager

    Pivotal Labs is a software development consultancy and the services unit of Pivotal. We are agile to the core and lean in practice. We work side-by-side with out clients as an integrated team to build web and mobile applications. Our clients come from a variety of industries and verticals, and range from early stage startups to Fortune 100 companies.

  • ChangeNexus

    Paul "Change" Wilson, CEO

    The biggest phenomenon in today's world, a truly global need, is finally manageable, controllable and shareable, with ChangeNexus. This enterprise application is a result of 53 industry specialists, with 900 years of deep technical work, across 122 countries and fluent in 18 languages, in a real study into the subject of 'CHANGE'. ChangeNExus is built on recently set standards by these people, and is the world's first Strategic Change Planning, Governance and Execution cloud platform which is priced at $127 per user, and is charged at 7% of an organization's workforce. Changenexus can also be used freely by people, wanting to change the world, collaborating with like-minded individuals. ChangeNexus integrates with the UNGC measures and COP21 principles. We've changed the way to change, more agile, more transparent, more auditable and a real practical solution to organizational change, and better control of change.