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1.20 SFNT @ Mighty! With PingPad, Affectiva, VapExhale, JobSpeaker, Evlo, SpotHero, MAGIC & more!

January 20, 2016

We're breaking in the new year with some amazing new tech!

Join us for some insight on what's around the corner, that warm community love you crave, and an inspiring evening you won't soon forget!

Mighty @ 119 Utah, SF, CA
5:30 : doors open, tacos, networking
7:30 : demos

As always, we're pulling the taco truck up to dish out free tacos... and the bar will have happy hour prices!

Buckle up!

Demos include:
* Ross Mayfield's total win in the social productivity space with PingPad
* Analyzing facial expressions of emotion in real time with Affectiva from MIT Labs
* Bridging the gap between education and the workforce with Jobspeaker
* The world’s best intelligent herbal delivery systems with VapExhale
* The easiest way to shop local art and furniture with Evlo
* Finding your perfect discounted spot with SpotHero's on-demand parking marketplace

* A touch of Magic from our friend Robert Strong!

We can't wait to see you!

Mighty is 21+

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Ross Mayfield

CEO & Founder

Seibo Shen


Jay Turcot

Lead Scientist

Jeremy Smith


Nick Larson


Jarlath O’Carroll


Robert Strong

Specializing in Tech Events
The Corporate Magician


  • PingPad

    Ross Mayfield, Founder & CEO

    Ross Mayfield, CEO & Founder Pingpad is the social productivity app to get things done, together. The first app to combine collaborative notes, messaging and task management in one. For families, friends, communities, classmates and teams. Works across iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, and web desktop. Get in on the PingPad action for this event @

  • Jobspeaker

    Jarlath O’Carroll, Founder

    Bridging the gap between Education and the Workforce - a collaboration platform where students, career services and employers achieve better results. Solving a problem in the education market where career services does not have the tools to solve the problems they are being asked to fix i.e. find their students jobs and provide verifiable data to prove they benefited from their education. Jobseeker is unique as it solves the problem from the ground up working directly with students to collect, analyze and achieve better job search results thus enabling Colleges to demonstrate their benefit and employers to find better candidates.

  • Affectiva

    Jay Turcot, Lead Scientist

    Affectiva, a MIT Media Lab spin-off, brings emotional intelligence to the digital world. Its industry leading, patented technology measures and analyzes facial expressions of emotion in real time. . Over 1,400 brands, including Unilever, Kellogg's MARS and CBS, use Affectiva's technology to understand consumer emotional engagement with digital content. Affective’s technology is also applied to emotion-enable digital apps and experiences to become more interactive and responsive to our emotional state.

  • VapExhale

    Seibo Shen, CEO

    VapeXhale creates the world’s best intelligent herbal delivery systems. We take a holistic approach to designing our vaporizers to ensure that the user has a positive and enjoyable experience. Not only do we want to make the world’s best inhalation devices, we want to make the world a better place. We want the world to be healthier, more inclusive, and more empathetic. We believe in order to make this change, we need to be in great mental and physical health. The EVO is our first product that will help in these areas. Come join us as we change the world for the better.

  • Evlo

    Nick Larson, CEO

    Evlo is the easiest way to shop local art and furniture -- delivered to your home with no obligation to buy. We are innovating the interior design space by allowing users to search everywhere at once- then have the piece delivered to their doorstep with no obligation to purchase. We have thousands of unique pieces from our partners all around the Bay Area, and professional Interior Designers to help provide free consultation.

  • SpotHero

    Jeremy Smith, Co-Founder

    SpotHero is an on-demand parking marketplace that helps drivers reserve parking spots with convenient garages, lots and valets, at a discount to the drive-up rate. We've already helped over Two Million cars find their perfect spot and we currently operate in over 20 major cities in the US including SF, NYC, and Chicago. Learn more at or get your free app via the iTunes Store or on Google Play.