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Exciting Upcoming Events

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Are you ready? It’s only 2 days before our Mobile Tech night!

We are thrilled to have live on stage this Wednesday night Flixlab, hüklüp, CardFlick, Boombotix, Location Labs, InMobi, plus many more!

Make sure to purchase your tickets quickly….this event is selling out! http://awe.sm/5Oc56

In other news:

We are excited to announce our upcoming events!

July 27th: Women in Tech (Please stay tuned for details to come!)

August 3rd: Sex-n-Tech with We-Vibe, One Taste, plus many others!

September 7th: Bring on the APIs!

We have plenty more events in the works, but we just wanted to give you a taste of the great things to come!

Don’t forget that if you have a wonderful new product that you would like to demo on stage with us, you can always apply online here: APPLY TO DEMO. Or talk to any one of the SF New Tech crew at one of our events. Don’t worry we don’t bite!

Cheers! And see y’all soon- Amy

100+ Cheap & Easy Tickets to SF New Tech: Mobile on 7.13!  And some free ones too!

100+ Cheap & Easy Tickets to SF New Tech: Mobile on 7.13! And some free ones too!

Get your discount on for SF New Tech Mobile on 7.13!

Act fast, as these tickets will go QUICK!

Read more…

7/13: SF New Tech Mobile! With Flixlab, hüklüp, CardFlick, Boombotix, Location Labs, InMobi, and more!

7/13: SF New Tech Mobile! With Flixlab, hüklüp, CardFlick, Boombotix, Location Labs, InMobi, and more!




David Slater, CEO

Flixlab has developed a cloud-based social video platform that enables consumers to easily share raw assets and create polished movies from the video clips and pictures on their smartphones, and their friends’ smartphones, and upload them to social networks. http://www.flixlab.com // @flixlab

Jacob Esparza, Product Lead & Sabin Speiser, Marketing Lead

Use Huklup to make fast & easy introductions – across networks & from
anywhere. http://www.huklup.com // @huklup

Ketan Anjaria CEO & Founder

CardFlick lets you create and share business cards with your phone. Customize with our beautiful themes, then FlickTM to share.
http://www.cardflick.co // @cardflick

Lief Storer, CEO

BoomBotix is what happens when art and technology get intoxicated and hook up. BoomBotix will be showcasing a portable audio platform that integrates Japanese urban vinyl toy design with smartphone technologies and social media. http://www.boombotix.com // @boombotix

location labs

Location Labs
Kedar Shah, Product Management & Marketing

Location Labs will showcase our APIs that have enabled innovative apps in areas like Mobile Marketing, Deals and Rewards, and Mobile Social Networking. http://www.locationlabs.com // @location_labs



$15.00 for early bird online tickets
$25.00 for all other (late bird) online tickets
$30.00 cash at the door if not sold out
Mighty is a 21+ venue.

5:30 pm – Doors & Bar Open
5:30 -7:30 pm – Schmooze and Free Tacos!
7:30 – 9:00 pm – Live Demos
9:00 – 11:00 pm – Schmooze

Event Sponsors

is the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network. With
offices on four continents we provide advertisers, publishers and
developers with a uniquely global solution for advertising. Our network
is growing and now delivers the unprecedented ability to reach 314
million consumers, in over 200 countries, through more than 35 billion
mobile ad impressions monthly. InMobi was recently selected as the 2011
AlwaysOn Top 100 Mobile Companies in Silicon Valley. InMobi is
venture-backed by investors including: Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield &
Byers and Sherpalo Ventures. The company has offices in London, San
Francisco, Bangalore, Tokyo, Nairobi and Singapore. http://www.InMobi.com // @InMobi

Space matters. It can inspire people to do great things. To engage
one-another. To think more deeply. To innovate and make a difference.
That’s what inspires us at Turnstone. Because
great companies don’t just happen. They’re crafted. For unique culture
and brand. For tech-enabled mobility. For collaboration and attracting
and engaging great employees. Great spaces are part of great companies.
Let us make your space matter.
60 Second Spots from 6.28 … take a look!

60 Second Spots from 6.28 … take a look!

See what AT&T, Intrax, White Space Strategy, PROVECTUS-IT, Pitch ’11, NT Technology, Inc. I.s.d., EC studio, myGengo and others had to say last night on the 60 second soapbox!  Reach out and touch someone!

Listings below …

Haj Matsukata
hmatsukata @intraxinc.com
We are cultural exchange program, looking for companies/organizations who can host non-paid interns for the summer.

Greg Ruff
White Space Strategy
Market Strategy Consulting, Funding Strategy, VC Pitches

Greg Ruff
glruffii @gmail.com
OFFSHORE Development centers, Product R&D by top fliter staff. Mobilization Specialty

Duane Nason
duane @pitchevent.com
Pitch ’11
Pitch ’11 is an expo event for Startups taking place in San Francisco at AT&T Park, on September 8, 2011. Lots of startups, and lots of fun. Only $20 to attend!

Ryan Iwasaka
ryan @nttec.com
NT Technology, Inc. I.s.d.
Providing FREE hosting solutions for victims of an earthquake. Contact us and we’ll do our best to help you, and your company come back!

Ashley Arnwine
ash @ecstudioinc.com
EC studio
Come by our IT Nomikai. We hold them once a month in 10 cities in Japan. :) http://www.it-nomikai.jp/

Yoshitomo Fujiwara
higewara @gmail.com
Looking for JOB
My name is Yoshi Fujiwara, MBA graduate at USF. I am looking for a job, mainly in Bay Area. My expertise is online marketing and advertising. Currently, My visa status is F-1, and OPT starting in July. Please take a look at my profile in LinkedIn, and If you feel matches to your company, send me a email. Thank you, Yoshi

Ryan McGrath
ryan @mygengo.com
myGengo is a translation API startup based out of Tokyo, Japan that is always looking for great engineering talent!

Myles Weissleder
myles @sfnewtech.com
Private LTE lunch event with AT&T
We’re working on scheduling a few private luncheons this summer with AT&T to discuss LTE and 4G development opportunities and challenges. Are you building apps for 4G? Do you see opportunity within the increased spectrum post AT&T/T-mobile merger? Click the link to tell us more and hopefully we can invite you to join the conversation.

SF Japan Night Discount Codes (and 26 Freebies!)

SF Japan Night Discount Codes (and 26 Freebies!)

Our second Japan Night on 6/28 is gearing up to be fantastic.

Over 100 tickets are discounted (or free). Get them while they last!

Information & registration @ http://sfnewtechjapannight2.eventbrite.com/

Discount Codes:

2sfjn-seeyouthere = 100% off! (26 avail)
2sfjn-yeahbaby = 50% off! (25 avail)
2sfjn-whatadeal = 25% off! (25 avail)
2sfjn-isnoozed = 10% off (25 avail)

Good luck!

6/28: SF New Tech Japan Night! A Catalyst for Revival

6/28: SF New Tech Japan Night! A Catalyst for Revival

SF Japan Night 2

See the talent of Japan’s emerging startups help the Japanese economy by going global


Nulab Inc.
Masanori Hashimoto, CEO

Cacoo is a drawing tool that enables the creation, sharing, and publication of drawings. It provides an interface in 17 different languages. It is used by 130,000 people as of May 2011 with 2/3 of the user base from 120 different countries.  http://cacoo.com/ @cacooapp

Kyac Inc.
Daisuke Yanasawa, CEO

Renengo is a numberless calling smartphone application where you can talk to friends for free with a Facebook account. Future plans are to release an Android version, which will provide free calls between iPhones and Androids.  http://reengo.me/en/ @Reengo_me

MoSo, inc.
Shinji Murakoshi, CEO

Moso is a new application that makes editing and sharing videos, easy and fun. It’s free to download at MacAppStore.  http://www.mosoapp.com

Feel on
L is B Corp
Taisuke Yokoi, CEO

Feel on analyzes your Twitter timeline with its unique Social Emotion Engine(SEE) and shows each tweet with a emotionally matched comic character and color.  http://www.feel-on.com @cimmonkun_ja

EC studio

Toshiyuki Yamamoto, CEO

ChatWork is a cloud-based business chat tool that addresses the communication problem caused by traditional email and chat services. ChatWork replaces inefficient email and chat services with built-in group task management and group file sharing. Since ChatWork lives in the cloud, your data remains perfectly in sync whether you login from a desktop PC, a laptop, or your smartphone.
http://www.chat-work.com/en @ec_studio

Sadao Adachi, CEO

Myhada is an iPhone skin condition check application that uses a special 30x lens to attach to an iPhone.
https://www.myhada.net/pc/myhada.php @myhada



$15.00 for early bird online tickets
$25.00 for all other (late bird) online tickets

$30.00 cash at the door if not sold out

Mighty is a 21+ venue.

5:30 pm – Doors & Bar Open
5:30 -7:30 pm – Schmooze and Free Tacos!
7:30 – 9:00 pm – Live Demos
9:00 – 11:00 pm – Schmooze


CVC for NTT, Japanese Telco.  Investing in IT or regarding areas, not just for growth, but also for expected synergy with NTT businesses.  http://www.nttip.co.jp/english/index.html


JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) is a semi-governmental organization, whose aim is to promote mutual flow of trade and investment between Japan and foreign countries. As a part of JETRO’s activities, JETRO has been running an incubation facility for Japanese venture companies, namely, U.S.-Japan Business Innovation Center (BIC), in San Jose since 2001. So far, JETRO has supported more than 70 Japanese venture companies. http://www.jetro.go.jp/


Fukuoka Center for Overseas Commerce in America
Growing business between Fukuoka and North America.  http://www.myfukuoka.com/


With TechSmith software, you can create engaging images and videos that grab attention and keep it.  From Snagit to Camtasia Studio, our software is used by millions of happy customers around the globe. Making their lives easier is what we do best.  Use TechSmith software to:  Create eye-catching images of your product; Grab attention with engaging product demo videos; Create polished promotional videos for your web site, and; Show off your product with images and videos rather than text.   Stop by the TechSmith table to get your free copy of Snagit and Camtasia Studio – available in both English and Japanese.   http://www.techsmith.com/


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SF New Tech presents The Social Data Revolution 2.23.11 #socialdata

Microsoft: The Empire Strikes Back

Microsoft: The Empire Strikes Back

Last year one of my friends quoted something from Twitter that has had my noodle cooking for a while now:

Welcome to the 21st century.  Java is a restricted platform, Google is evil, Apple is a monopoly, and Microsoft is the underdog.

The early 2000′s have not been kind to Microsoft. Windows Vista was met with dismay upon release, despite a variety of  technology enhancements over Windows XP. Arch-rival Apple had gone from near bankruptcy to titan with the iPod and a refresh of both its Mac hardware line and operating system. With its new muscle, the Cupertino-based firm has exacted a serious toll on Redmond’s annual revenues across the consumer sector in the past decade.

Google’s rise to power and the introduction of open source as an enterprise standard has also bloodied Microsoft. In addition to providing Redmond with a new major threat in a variety of software markets, the blossoming of Google has helped to propel the parallel rise of open source software in enterprise deployments. No longer was running an expensive Windows Server with SQL, and IIS the norm. The LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack emerged and eliminated Microsoft’s foothold in the web server market – a paradigm shift propelled by competitors Oracle and Google.

Even worse Microsoft was no longer cool. True – Apple’s artistic flair and Jobs’ beatnick style helped to always make the company the more hip alternative. But Microsoft always remained easily within the top three of in-demand tech companies to either intern or start ones’ career in. Google and Post-Google Silicon Valley firms like Facebook have largely usurped Redmond as the fun place to be for new engineers, jeopardizing Microsoft’s position in the eyes of young hacker talent.

This is a very dangerous proposition for Redmond. If Generation Y decides to go to Microsoft’s competition instead, innovation for the next twenty years in computing will go with them.

Even in the first strokes of this new decade though, it’s clear that there’s a change in the wind coming from the cold north of Seattle. Post-Gates Microsoft has emerged swinging hard, wielding an impressive value proposition to consumers and young job-seeking engineers. Truly, winter is coming. Redmond is striking back.

While Apple certainly commands a significant control of the consumer electronics and ultra-mobile computing space, and both Apple and Google remain the dominant players of the skyrocketing mobile phone market in the United States, Microsoft remains strong in its core competencies and is gaining fast in the mobile OS sector. Windows 7 is considered a success at 250 million units sold as of Q4 2010. Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s late entry into the mobile OS market, is gaining remarkable steam on Android and iOS and expected to supplant RIM’s OS in market share by the end of 2012. Microsoft Office remains the dominant Office suite despite a variety of (even free) alternatives, and Redmond remains an exciting and fun place to start one’s journey into technology despite heavy competition.

So what happened? How has Microsoft been able to reverse their fortune and strike back at their competition in just three years?

They refreshed their brand and technology strategy from the inside out. In effect, Microsoft is rebuilding the death star we all saw in the 90′s. Only this time it’s bigger, stronger, more popular, and minimizes the number of catastrophically explosive exhaust ports.

Microsoft has started to recover its momentum in three ways:

Beauty – UX/HCI

Much of Apple’s rise to power is arguably the result of their competitive advantage in industrial design. The iPod, the Macbook, and even OSX are all cool because they provide an amazing user experience. In contrast, Windows XP was – while ubiquitous – boring. Early 2000′s and 90′s desktop PC’s were beige monoliths that did little to defeat Apple’s portrayal of the PC industry in their famous 1984 ad. Even when competitors began to release MP3 players with similar functionality to the iPod that were more friendly to Windows, they were quickly discarded in favor of the more beautifully functional Apple alternative. Microsoft addressed this need by pushing their research initiatives towards the ever-important and nascent fields of UX (user experience design) and HCI (Human Computer Interaction). Much of this was the result of them hiring Chief Scientist Bill Buxton, an eccentric computer scientist cum industrial designer who helped the firm revolutionize its approach to how the company’s products interact with the user.

Examples of Microsoft’s new emphasis on UX design can be seen in the Zune and Windows 7/Windows Vista’s Aero interface.While Apple and Google continue to lead at the front by having first-mover advantage with technology like mutlitouch and instant-boot technology, Microsoft’s investments have them hot on their trail – and in some cases even superior. The Xbox 360, Windows 7, and Windows Phone 7 showcase exemplary UX polish that’s accentuated by a fluent and inarguably beautiful symphony of typography, solid realization of core design fundamentals, and functionality. This has allowed them to close the gap with OSX in operating system UX, and even enabled the company to make their late entrance into the mobile phone market a disruptive one.

Popularity – Entice the Resource Market

Being a college programmer is a bit of a mixed bag. Even though you’re an invaluable resource to large companies because of your fresh ideas and wide-eyed wonder, your lack of experience with the development of a company’s technology is a detriment.This makes introducing development experience core to a company’s product development key for major tech firms, and explains why firms like IBM and Google spend considerable sums of money in contributing research and technology to major tech schools in order to help control the curriculum of computer science majors.

Microsoft realized that their traditional approach of “being the only game in town” was slipping with the rise of open source languages and OS’s  like Java and Linux. Furthermore, by not being beautiful, late ’90′s/early 2000′s MSFT was even less incentivizing college students to invest time in learning proliferating core Microsoft technologies like the early .NET framework and the Windows API. Microsoft has since rolled out a series of programs meant to win back Generation Y.

Addressing the issue of cost, Microsoft created the MSDNAA (Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance). This allowed vetted tech schools to provide free versions of Windows, SQL server, and development tools to college students. The MSDNAA allowed Microsoft to better compete with free open source software, and trumped expensive student alternatives within Apple that required college students to purchase membership in Apple’s expensive developer program.

Addressing the issue of popularity, Microsoft created the MSP (Micrsoft Student Partner) Program and Imagine Cup. MSP’s are paid Microsoft developer evangelists recruited out of universities to popularize the brand. Soon MSP-run Microsoft events became ubiquitous at many key campuses in the United States, with the attraction of free Xbox 360s and video games helping to add to the brand’s appeal. Imagine Cup, Microsoft’s humanitarian invention competition, allowed  student inventors a paid outlet to compete for seed funding for a socially conscious projects using Redmond’s technology.

All of these measures have been met with wide appeal, and the brand’s image continues to improve with this core audience.

Muscle – Capitalizing off Competitive Advantage

While in decline, Microsoft was far from dead in the ground. The company’s rebound can also be attributed to strategically using more popular aspects of their brand to push the company’s development initiatives.A good example of this is their use of the Xbox 360. The Xbox brand has been a strong player in the video game console space since 2001. Modern development for the Xbox is largely done in the XNA Framework, which uses .NET. This ensures that game developers wishing to release on the Xbox need to use .NET, and further popularizes the .NET suite (particularly C#) via complementary demand.

Microsoft may not be the coolest game in town. But it’s certainly not dying anymore, and companies like RIM – and even Apple and Google – need to realize that Redmond is coming back with a vengeance.

Cue the Imperial March theme.

SF New Tech Contributor Andrew “Andy” Manoske is a PM by day, hacker by night, and sometimes in the evening he fights crime. He currently serves as a product manager at NetApp – the youngest in the company’s history – and previously held technical positions at SAP, Microsoft, and Electronic Arts. He received his Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Computer Science from San Jose State University in 2010, and was a finalist in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup competition and the Silicon Valley Neat Ideas Fair.
Twitter: @a2d2 Website: http://www.zomghacks.net

8/31 SF New Tech: appbackr, iVdopia, Membase, Surfmark, 4delite, and more!

8/31 SF New Tech: appbackr, iVdopia, Membase, Surfmark, 4delite, and more!

Jagat Bhuyan, Director of Developer Marketing
Matthew M. Gonzales, Business Development
Appbackr is the first wholesale marketplace for iphone and ipad apps.  Developers get immediate payment; buyers profit as apps sell on iTunes.  http://www.appbackr.com
Chhavi Upadhyay, COO & Co-Founder
iVdopia is the largest video and rich media mobile ad network with more than a 100 million mobile video impressions and more that 4 billion WAP impressions every month. http://www.ivdopia.com

Vivek Agrawal, CEO
Reclaim the web, one search at a time.  http://www.surfmark.net
James Phillips, Founder

Membase is perfect for anyone making an interactive web app or mashup. It’s an open-source database which is simple, fast, and elastic. Membase is running behind Farmville and Cafe World today.  http://www.membase.org
Mary Ray, Co-Founder
4delite is a cloud-based rich media publishing platform that mobile and online advertisers can use to build and showcase rich media creative in minutes. You can use the platform to export multiple rich media formats to work on any web browser (even on browsers within the iPad).  http://www.4delite.com


(For the first 150 in the door.)
$15.00 for early bird online tickets
$22.50 for all other (late bird) online tickets
$25.00 cash at the door if not sold out
Mighty is a 21+ venue.
5:30 pm – Doors & Bar Open
5:30 -7:30 pm – Schmooze and Free Tacos!
7:30 – 9:00 pm – Live Demos
9:00 – 11:00 pm – Schmooze

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7/20 SF New Tech: Doochoo, Lunch, CrispThinking, MotherApp, Sococo and more!


Armando  Biondi, CEO & Paolo Privitera, CTO
The Doochoo project is about revolutionizing the way opinions on the web carry meaning, starting with some applications, followed by a proprietary platform that will give opinions on the web tangibility and critical weight.
JR Johnson, CEO

Lunch.com is a social media site for sharing and discovering information and opinions most relevant to you.
Peter Maude, CTO   

CrispThinking offers real-time user profiling and management technology that detects, tracks, reports and actions on anti-social behavior including spamming, gold farming, bullying and online grooming. It manages the individual not just the resulting content allowing sites to scale their user management efforts.  http://www.crispthinking.com
Kedar Shah, Marketing Evangelist   
MotherApp has created over 400 apps for clients such as Vodafone, Standard Chartered Bank, and Financial Times. We have a Blog Engine and Application Engine that bloggers, developers, and enterprises can use to create rich, native apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry and have a roadmap for iPad, Silverlight (Windows Mobile), and Symbian.    http://www.motherapp.com



Paul Brody, President
Sococo – Social Communications Company – delivers personal communication services that put you together with the people that matter.   http://www.sococo.com





$15.00 for early bird online tickets
$22.50 for all other (late bird) online tickets
$25.00 cash at the door if not sold out
Mighty is a 21+ venue.
5:30 pm – Doors & Bar Open
5:30 -7:30 pm – Schmooze and Free Tacos!
7:30 – 9:00 pm – Live Demos
9:00 – 11:00 pm – Schmooze

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Interested in being considered for a demo? Apply here: http://www.sfnewtech.com/demo