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What are the biggest mistakes startups can make?

David Spark of Spark Media Solutions popped over to our Best of the French Tech Tour event last week and asked attendees, “What are the biggest mistakes startups can make?”

Here are 36 of his favorite answers in less than 90 seconds.

Big thanks to all for participating:
Kevin Marks (@KevinMarks), Laurine Chassignon (@visiofair), Yuliya Dmytryshyn (@stanfy), Thibaut Duguet (@Ubifrance), Mathilde David (@Ubifrance), Lionel Roux, Sylvia Gallusser, Andra Tautu Robinson, Baptiste Lacroix, Ramon Jimenez (@Ubifrance), Phil Jeudy (@philjeudy), Guillaume Thomas (@aladom), Guillaume de La Tour, Tony Stilling (@tony2x), Brian Sherman (@clarityinfo), Nick Muldoon (@nickmuldoon), Shaun Saunders – @graffitipr), Ben Levy (@BootstrapLabs), JF Dechant (@bthecoach), Michael Nelson (@mbnel), Chase Beach (@chase_beach), James Teiser (@gonzoguru), Matthew Gonzales (@matthewgonzales), Frederic Dominioni (@rockingfred), Trevor Goss (@trevorgoss), Vassil Mladjov, Matt Fischer (@megosystems), Manuel Acevedo (@acevedo), Loic Gardiol (@loicgardiol), Steve Gurney (@sjg138), Nicolas Vilmert (@nvilmart), Daniel Chatelain (@danielchat), Arnaud Breton (@arnaud_breton), Clément Delangue (@clementdelangue), Yanni Giannaros (@yannigiannaros), Denny Arar (@dennyarar), Didier Baquier (@didierbaq), Peter Mullen (@pemullen), Gayle LaDoux (@gtotheld), Michael Compton (@easyzeke), Alex Lunev, Gregory Veran Caillavet, Claire Liot (@cstarleo), Marion Dessailly (@mariondesailly), Anne-Charlotte Chauvet (@ftt13), Jason Root (@ssgeek), Jai Decker (@jaidecker), Christian Arar, Sandira Calviac (@sandira), Valerie Morignat (@valeriemorignat), Melissa Glass (@missglass1821), Alfredo Coppola (@usmarketaccess), and Daisy the British Bulldog.

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July rocked thanks to Flurry and

A little late in posting this as I’ve been traveling around the wilds of NY and VT for the past few weeks.

But I needed to share the news ….

First, our Big Data Summer Bash with Flurry a was completely over the top where upwards of 500 of y’all joined us to celebrate Flurry’s newest success: AppCloud!  (Watch the slideshow and see!)

Flurry AppCloud
empowers developers to build better apps faster while seamlessly handling cloud storage, user account management, push notifications and more.  It’s awesome.   Join the beta here.

Then, the very next day after our bash with Flurry, we announced a “mystery event” on 7.31 that promised big news from a mystery company, complete with food, drink and stellar entertainment at a cool, new venue….  and no other details.  Hmmm. Who could it be??

In less than 3 hours time, after announcing the “mystery event” (via our list and via on our ever-growing email list) it sold out!  Boom!  Just like that!

And then over the next six days, hundreds of people added their names to the waiting list.  Trust me, I did my best responding to the deluge of inquiries from folks (you?) who really, really wanted to be there.  Sorry if you got shut out but we had capacity issues, otherwise if wish EVERYONE could have been there because it rocked!

On the morning of 7.31, we revealed the secret everyone who registered and those on the waiting list…

The big reveal was the launch of Microsoft’s!

Hats off to you SF New Tech peeps for being the cool kids in town who Microsoft chose to usher in a brand new era of email with a kick ass party at 620 Jones headlined by The Lumineers, a band you may have heard of, Hey Ho!


Needless to say we reveled in new tech in a new way in July… and it felt good. :)

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3 Questions With PointBurst


What Is PointBurst?

Much like HootSuite, TweetDeck, Seeismic, Etc, PointBurst is a social media syndication platform that allows its users to post to multiple platforms. The BIG difference with Pointburst is, “Organizations can also rapidly share every asset they create with their franchisees/resellers/affiliates/partners (“affiliate”) multiplying their reach, ensuring brand consistency, and providing valuable content to support the affiliates’ social media efforts.”

A great example of the above mentioned description is as follows: Lets say brand “X “isn’t great with social media (like most brands), so they have “X” amount of affiliates, and/or brand partners, who each have their own accounts to mange. When brand “X” posts one update, it then reaches out to each “affiliate”, who then is notified, and then decides if they would like to allow to publish to each one of their accounts, should they choose to do so (awesome sauce).

Who Is PointBurst’s Target Audience?

Any organization(s), with any amount of affiliates, trying to reach the masses or be more effective with their marketing. So, pretty much you, me, anyone trying to effectively brand themselves or company with a simple post. Time is money, and most people simply don’t have the time to post on everything, all day. With PointBurst you don’t have to worry about all that time.

What Social Sites Does PointBurst Publish To?

Currently, you can publish to FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn (waiting on Google+ and Pinterest API’s). Between you, me and the interwebbs, Flickr, MySpace, Instagram and WordPress will be the next sites to hit PointBurst within the next three months, so be ready for said awesome-ness.

If you are as convinced as we are, why not try them out for a free thirty day trial? After that pricing will depend number of affiliates and modules you choose to use.

Side note: If you want the 411 on PointBurst in full, may I suggest you attend our event next week. Word on the street is you will get more than thirty days, but I wont tell you how much more unless you show up (see what we did there?).

Also … this just in for attendees of the event on 4/11:

PointBurst is offering a FREE, 3 month subscription for an upgraded Publisher Account with library sharing privileges.  With an upgraded Publisher Account you have the ability to publish through the social media sites of your affiliates as if they published it themselves.  You can exponentially expand your audience with the click of single button.  No longer will you have to hope your affiliates are maintaining a social media presence and no more worrying about keeping your brand consistent!  With library sharing you can seamlessly share assets of your choice from your library with your selected affiliates.  This is a special offer for SF New Tech attendees only and you can register on location at the PointBurst table.  All of those who register will be eligible for the raffle of a new iPod Shuffle!



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Learn with Udemy: Special deal just for our fans!

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Udemy.

We wanted to thank you for being our fan by providing you more ways to learn and hone in your awesome skills! Udemy is offering two really sweet deals, just for SF New Tech fans.Check them out!

(Please click on the links below to see each course special)

Deal 1:

Dave McClure, Adeo Ressi, and Naval Ravikant – teaching you how to Raise Capital for your Startup. These guys are investors in Twitter, Foursquare, Mint, SlideShare (list goes on… way on), and they’ve run dozens of companies themselves (i.e. they know both sides of the table).

The problem is, you can’t learn from folks like this unless you know them. Luckily, problem solved because the guys at Udemy have put together a killer online course called  “Raising Capital for Startups. The course features Dave, Adeo, Naval (and more), and this week they’re hooking us up with 60% off (making it $39… retail price $99). Grab it while it’s hot.

Deal 2:

iPhone, iPad, iOS. It’s getting a little crazy out there with 187 million iDevices, more than 300,000 apps, and dozens making over $1,000,000 in revenue. That’s why I’m very excited to announce a deal from the guys at Udemy on their online courseLearn to Develop iPhone & iPad Apps in 4 Weeks.”

The course is taught by Bess Ho, who is quickly becoming something of a silicon valley legend given her ability to take business folks (with zero programming skills) and have them build real functional apps in less than 6 hours. She teaches at places like Hacker Dojo, but if you can’t make it to a class she’s put together an awesome version of her course online at It retails at $250, but the Udemy guys are hooking it up with 60% off making it $99 for this week only. Enjoy!

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New Sponsor Deal

News Flash! Sponsoring SF New Tech just got better! Read more…

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