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SFNT Events: 10.10: It’s Money!; 10.18: Hot Dutch Tech & more. (Discount & Comp Codes Inside!)

Hey now!

Lots in motion here in the land of SF New Tech.

We’ve got a busy few weeks and months ahead of us … and if all goes as planned, exciting developments in the hopper for a bigger, more resourceful “new tech” experience. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, we’re pleased to announce our October events. Hope to see you!




10.10 SFNT: You’re So Money! With Stripe, CannedBanners, Spongecell, Lexity, and more.

We’re following the money and diving in deep with companies who are at the forefront of enabling the flow of cash online, as well as those who help convert clicks into sales. Whether you call e-commerce or just plain commerce — it’s money, baby.

1010-isnoozed = 10% off (25 available)
1010-whatadeal = 25% off (25 available)
1010-yeahbaby = 50% off (25 available)
1010-seeyouthere = 100% off (30 available)

Register @

Bonus: We had a lot of lines out for this one but conflicting schedules abound. That said, we’ve got a room on stage for another “money” demo or two. Ping me quickly if you think you’ve got what it takes.


10.18 SFNT: Dutch Demo Night! Meet 13 of the Netherlands’ Best Startups!

SF New Tech and the Consulate General of the Netherlands are thrilled to present Dutch Demo Night, featuring 13 of the most promising Dutch startups. This event is the culmination of the 2012 Holland in the Valley Startup Bootcamp, a 4-day intensive program designed to provide a first-hand experience to dutch companies of the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Companies include: Aito, Coocoolu, Clinical Graphics, EmulTech BV, Plantspot, Muzikool, Jet-Stream, PersuasionAPI, Prooflink, Screvo, Social Mining, Talmundo /, and Twitcident. Read up on them @

1018-isnoozed = 10% off (25 available)
1018-whatadeal = 25% off (25 available)
1018-yeahbaby = 50% off (25 available)
1018-seeyouthere = 100% off (30 available)

Register @


10.24: SFNT: Breaking out! With, TapCanvas, and others. Details coming soon.

24-isnoozed = 10% off (25 available)
24-whatadeal = 25% off (25 available)
24-yeahbaby = 50% off (25 available)
24-seeyouthere = 100% off (30 available)

Register @

Bonus: Hit the Big Red Button to apply to part of this event!


Future events:

11.7: Mobile & Apps, Apps & Mobile!
11.20: Open
12.5: Open
12.19: Holiday Party! (Wanna partner up??)

Apply to demo @


Community Sponsor Love: – A great new approach to email from Microsoft – Eric is an awesome tech-friendly lawyer – Bridging the CA tech sector to lawmakers in Sac & DC – Serving up our live stream like a boss


Friends of SF New Tech:

Application Developers Alliance, AssureSoft, AT&T, Big.First.Name, btrax, City of Buenos Aires,, Flurry, GREE, HummerWinblad, JetJaw, Jones Lang LaSalle, Microsoft, MorganStanleySmithBarney, Nearsoft, OPOWER, Originate, PointBurst, Prometis, Rackspace, RocketSpace, SponsorHub, The Waldron Group, Turnstone, UBIFRANCE, vidcaster, Vitamin T, WalkerSands, Wufoo. You can become a friend too!

Thanks, y’all, for being a part of our awesome community!

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Real Time Photo Monitoring with CrowdFlower’s RTFM

 CrowdFlower, a leader in crowdsourcing microtasks, has created a new way to moderate images: RTFM (Real Time Foto Moderator). While it’s not quite the normal acronym that is associated with these letters (Read The F*ing Manual) it’s still rather amusing. RTFM is a crowdsourced photo moderation service provided by CrowdFlower.

The way it works is simple:

Send in your images
1. Send CrowdFlower the URL of an image via an HTTP request to their API.

Images go out to the crowd
2. RTFM sends images to CrowdFlower’s online global labor pool of more than 3.5 million workers. Moderators use an Image Wall interface that lets them efficiently screen images at scale.

Get results back
3. RTFM sends back results via web hook with an average turnaround time under 15 minutes. Each result is calculated based on the input of multiple trusted moderators.

RTFM is the first of many crowdsourcing web apps to come from CrowdFlower, a SF-based tech company founded in 2008. Since then, CrowdFlower has moderated close to 50 million photos.

Moderating photos, especially those from big social networks or sites, takes time and lots of resources. CrowdFlower recognized an opportunity to create a more efficient way to moderate these images by leveraging the crowd, and specifically targeted small app developers, community managers and/or anyone with a user base and a photo upload feature. The result was faster, more accurate and cost effective solutions.

RTFM pricing is structured on a per-image basis, however the first 500 images are FREE! Depending on which service plan you sign up for, images cost between $0.008-$0.02 per image.

Some of CrowdFlower’s clients, use RTFM to moderate 100% of photo content on their site, while others simply use it to get through the “night shift’ when their internal moderation employees go home. Some companies use it for a “first pass” scenario: anything that gets flagged on their site goes through RTFM. Then the real employees from company “X” review problematic images and decide on a course of action. This allows companies to minimize delays for photo moderation while keeping user experience positive.

And now a word from our sponsor:

Do you use crowdsourcing? Want to learn more about it? Wonder if it can help your business?
Then CrowdConf 2012 is a must attend conference for you.

CrowdConf 2012 will held on Tuesday, October 23 at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, CA. Tickets are now available at

Learn how businesses use crowdsourcing to make Big Data bite-sized, fund and launch ideas, complete tasks big and small, design content and marketing materials that get noticed, and get ahead of the competition.

Editors Note: For being a SFNT loyalist we want to give you a 25% discount to CrowdConf 2012 by using this code: FRIENDS25

Also, if you want to get in for free, you’ll have to make an extra effort on sharing this blog post in your social networks and don’t forget to mention SFNT, CrowdFlower and of course CrowdConf. The most creative tweets, posts, etc., get the free goodies. Make sure to tweet us (@SFNEWTECH), me (@JMOTA3),  and CrowdFlower (@CrowdFlower) so we can keep track of the most creative posts.

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Discount Codes for 5/23 are here …

As promised via Twitter earlier today — it’s ~3pm and that means it’s time to let discount (and comp!) codes for our event on 5/23 out in to the wild!

If you’re keen on hearing from some super-cool startups (,,,, others), and/or learning first-hand what our old friend Hotmail is up to nowadays, than this event is for you.

Also, Vitamin T, a great recruiting agency for the best digital creative talent on the planet, will be in the house and will be giving away a Kindle Fire to one lucky attendee.

Here are the codes … go nuts.  Go fast.

0523sfnt-isnoozed = 10% off (25 available)
0523sfnt-whatadeal = 25% off (25 available)
0523sfnt-yeahbaby = 50% (25 available)
0523sfnt-seeyouthere = 100% off (30 available)

Registration and information @


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Discount (and Freebie!) Codes for 5/9

Discount (and Freebie!) Codes for 5/9

It’s our favorite part of the day…  when we lift the lid off our discount code jar for y’all to scoop up the goodies while they last!

Hit ‘em up FAST!

Discount Codes for 5/9 w/, Citizen Software, mention, Heirloom, Playmysong, Yogome, more:

sfnt050912-isnoozed = 10% off (25 available)
sfnt050912-whatadeal = 25% off (25 available)
sfnt050912-yeahbaby = 50% (25 available)
sfnt050912-seeyouthere = 100% off (30 available)

Register @


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Discount Codes for Japan Night IV

Over 100 tickets to Japan Night IV have been discounted and/or made totally free!

Get them while they last by acting fast! These will go quickly!

Here goes …

Discount Codes for 4/25:

0425sfntjpn4-isnoozed = 10% off (25 available)
0425sfntjpn4-whatadeal = 25% off (25 available)
0425sfntjpn4-yeahbaby = 50% (25 available)
0425sfntjpn4-seeyouthere = 100% off (30 available)

Register @


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The 411 on Discount (and freebie) Codes …

It’s t-minus two weeks and counting until our next event scheduled for April 11th.  That’s 411, baby…  and we’ve got a KILLER lineup y’all to revel in.  Demos on tap include Storify, Planwise, PointBurst, AskOwls, Placeme, Mingly, inbenta, Vidcaster & more.  Whoa.

Tickets are on sale now and you can certainly pay full price (hey, I’ve got two kids to feed!).  But you’re also welcome to try any of the below promo codes to ease the dent in your wallet a bit.   Give it a shot — never know how lucky you can be!  But, you’ll need to act fast as these codes — over 100 of ‘em — tend to go VERY quickly.

Ready? Set? GO!

Discount Codes for 4/11:
411-isnoozed = 10% off (25 available)
411-whatadeal = 25% off (25 available)
411-yeahbaby = 50% (25 available)
411-seeyouthere = 100% off (30 available)

Register @


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Discount Codes for our Spring Fling on 3/21.  See you there!

Discount Codes for our Spring Fling on 3/21. See you there!

Yep. It’s that time again…. it’s when the quick get lucky!

Here are the Discount Codes for our Spring Fling! With Fundly, Breezi, Getwear, Vevo, VersionEye, UpOut & more on 3.21:
0321-isnoozed = 10% off (25 available)
0321-whatadeal = 25% off (25 available)
0321-yeahbaby = 50% (25 available)
0321-seeyouthere = 100% off (26 available)

Register @



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SF New Tech’s Mobile Stars on 3/7 – Here’s your chance at free and/or discounted tickets!

Here we go again!  It’s mobile time!

On 3/7, SF New Tech presents Mobile Stars!

With live demos from Moki Mobility, Slooce Technology, CardFlick, Beintoo, and more!

Act fast, the discount codes for 3/7 are …

030712isnoozed = 10% off (25 available)
030712whatadeal = 25% off (25 available)
030712yeahbaby = 50% (25 available)
030712seeyouthere = 100% off (30 available)

Register @


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Discount Codes, Baby! Get in the Cloud with us!

We’ll be getting cozy up to the Cloud on February 22nd, won’t you join us?

Check out live demos and get to meet the executives from cloud-stars: Cocoafish, All Together Now, Locaid, OnRelay, Oxygen Cloud, and 6Scan.

Registration and info @

100+ promo codes for the taking (act fast!):

Code “sfnt0222-isnoozed” scores 10% off tickets (25 available)
Code “sfnt0222-whatadeal” scores 25% off tickets (25 available)
Code “sfnt0222-yeahbaby” scores 50% off tickets (25 available)
Code “sfnt0222-seeyouthere” scores FREE tickets (26 available)


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Discount Codes for Chinese Tech Night! (Quick!)

Chinese Tech – 2/15

Why pay retail?

Over 100 tickets are discounted or free. How cool is that?

Ready? GO!

26 tickets are FREE with the code 0215-seeyouthere
25 tickets are 50% off with the code 0215-yeahbaby
25 tickets are 25% off with the code 0215-whatadeal
25 tickets are 10% off with the code 0215-isnoozed

Yep, these sell out quickly. Act fast if you’re interested!


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