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SF Japan Night 5 Comes to SF Next Week

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Nerd Stalker’s SF New Tech February 2013 Summary
















Check out Nerd Stalker’s Summary on our February 2013 event. Our congrats to Pedicine App, WalkMe, Blipboard, LoYakk, and Bizzabo who rocked it. Thanks to our sponsors Dice, Outlook, Mylermedia, LeClair-Ryan and CalInnovates for making this event happen. Also, thanks to all of you for coming out and supporting us in 2013.

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Saving You Time And Money In Several Different Waze

Travelling by car these days can be a bit much to deal with because everyone is always on the go (traffic) and gas prices aren’t quite so friendly on your pocketbook. Waze, a very intuitive, free app for your smartphone (iOS and Android) helps you get from point A to B in several different ways.

First and foremost, Waze has always been saving you time by being a fun, community-based GPS traffic and navigation app. Currently, with its latest update (3.2), you’re now able to save money by making it easy to save on gas, and who doesn’t want that? Waze helps you find the cheapist gas around you, or along your route. It also has specials at select gas stations. Simply redeem your digital coupon when you arive at the participation station and save. All the pricing, much like everything at Waze is updated by you, the community.

Another new feature is adding a stop along your “route”. You can choose through multiple “Search by Category” features. This feature is kind of like Foursquare’s explore option that they just added, however you get realtime ETA to both your stop and final destination.

Download your free app today and start saving time and money in the coolest waze possible.

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Nobody Does Commenting and Social Quite Like Engagio

If you’ve ever left a comment on any site on the web, ever, you know how hard it can be to keep track of comments directed back to you, or in general in that specific thread. Sure, there are several services that can help with this more than common problem, but none help you engage quite like Engagio does it.


Engagio is a Gmail-like Inbox for your social conversations and relationships. Engagio provides a unified engagement dashboard across the various online/social spaces and gives the user a unique visibility about the people behind these conversations and their social identities.

William Mougayar, CEO of Engagio took a moment to speak with us, and here’s some things you should know:

  • Engagio is a FREE service!
  • They were launched in early Febuary, and currently around the 10,000 user mark.
  • Engagio is all about “one on one” relationships.
  • “We are a social conversation network, allowing you to follow others via engaging/commenting.”
  • When you follow a user via Engagio, it allows you to see conversations only with them. But, you can also see where they are active (other sites) and choose to interact there or not.
  • If you get a reply, you get a message in your inbox.
  • You can leave a comment, then go back and edit, if you like, and re-share to sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!
  • Did we mention its FREE!!??!!

At some point, I’m told there will be a premium service with features like managing multiple accounts and analytics. This is where community managers will really be able to thrive and see results, but I’m sure you can expect advertisement to follow. Community managers won’t be the only ones ready to engage with the above mentioned free service. Anyone who is active on the web can benefit from Williams creation.

So, sign up today, and begin your personal relationship management. Bonus for the SF New Tech community (that’s you!): Anyone that signs up to Engagio AND Tweets about it will be entered into a drawing for an iPad 3! And if you also Share on Facebook, you will increase your chances of winning by two! Just follow this link to sign-up and we’ll automatically recognize your steps. (Note: you MUST share immediately after your signup to qualify for the draw!)

For more information on how to best utilize your new social conversation network, check out the Engagio Blog, and don’t forget to come talk to William in person next week at SF New Tech.

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3 Questions With PointBurst


What Is PointBurst?

Much like HootSuite, TweetDeck, Seeismic, Etc, PointBurst is a social media syndication platform that allows its users to post to multiple platforms. The BIG difference with Pointburst is, “Organizations can also rapidly share every asset they create with their franchisees/resellers/affiliates/partners (“affiliate”) multiplying their reach, ensuring brand consistency, and providing valuable content to support the affiliates’ social media efforts.”

A great example of the above mentioned description is as follows: Lets say brand “X “isn’t great with social media (like most brands), so they have “X” amount of affiliates, and/or brand partners, who each have their own accounts to mange. When brand “X” posts one update, it then reaches out to each “affiliate”, who then is notified, and then decides if they would like to allow to publish to each one of their accounts, should they choose to do so (awesome sauce).

Who Is PointBurst’s Target Audience?

Any organization(s), with any amount of affiliates, trying to reach the masses or be more effective with their marketing. So, pretty much you, me, anyone trying to effectively brand themselves or company with a simple post. Time is money, and most people simply don’t have the time to post on everything, all day. With PointBurst you don’t have to worry about all that time.

What Social Sites Does PointBurst Publish To?

Currently, you can publish to FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn (waiting on Google+ and Pinterest API’s). Between you, me and the interwebbs, Flickr, MySpace, Instagram and WordPress will be the next sites to hit PointBurst within the next three months, so be ready for said awesome-ness.

If you are as convinced as we are, why not try them out for a free thirty day trial? After that pricing will depend number of affiliates and modules you choose to use.

Side note: If you want the 411 on PointBurst in full, may I suggest you attend our event next week. Word on the street is you will get more than thirty days, but I wont tell you how much more unless you show up (see what we did there?).

Also … this just in for attendees of the event on 4/11:

PointBurst is offering a FREE, 3 month subscription for an upgraded Publisher Account with library sharing privileges.  With an upgraded Publisher Account you have the ability to publish through the social media sites of your affiliates as if they published it themselves.  You can exponentially expand your audience with the click of single button.  No longer will you have to hope your affiliates are maintaining a social media presence and no more worrying about keeping your brand consistent!  With library sharing you can seamlessly share assets of your choice from your library with your selected affiliates.  This is a special offer for SF New Tech attendees only and you can register on location at the PointBurst table.  All of those who register will be eligible for the raffle of a new iPod Shuffle!



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Call for Presenters! Ninja Challenge – Pitch Contest for Companies Expanding Globally

The biggest web-tech contest in Japan now lands in Silicon Valley!

The 7th Mashup Awards (MA7) opens their door to the local startups and developers to present their services and products. We call it the event the “Ninja Challenge.”

At the event, up to 10 startups interested in the Japanese market will be presenting Read more…

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Build a new mobile startup in SF

Looking to start a new mobile venture?

Looking for a co-founder?

Want to validate an idea?

SF New Tech is proud to announce  our partnership with Founder Labs here in SF. We are working with this wonderful group to help inspire a community focused on entrepreneurship. Please join them in their next pre-incubator lab, and then join us on stage to showcase all your talent!

Founder Labs (FL) is a pre-incubator for new mobile ideas.

FL is a 5 week pre-incubator focused on the first phase of launching a new mobile venture – building a co-founding team and validating a new idea.

20 founders form 5 teams, work for 5 weeks, 5 days a week (after-working-hours) to validate a new idea and build an initial prototype. Founders learn key startup lessons such as Lean Startup principles, Customer Development and more and present progress each week to Visiting Advisors. Founders also work closely with Mentors who have experience in the mobile space.

Supporters and Mentors in the program include: Dave McClure (500 startups), Eric Ries (The Lean Startup), Steve Blank (Customer Development), Theresia Gouw Ranzetta (Accel), John Malloy (Blue Run Ventures).

Founder Labs is for hackers, designers and hustlers. It will include 10 engineers, 5 designers, 5 sales/marketing mavens
More info:
Meet the Visiting Advisors and Mentors:

Apply now to Founder Labs SF: Aug 11 – Sept 15, deadline to apply is June 24

TC Coverage:
Xconomy Coverage:

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SF New Tech = “How to find the next Google. Or at least a free taco”

SF New Tech = “How to find the next Google. Or at least a free taco”

Did you see the coverage our 5th anniversary bash received from The Register, the ultra-snarky tech news site from the UK?!

Kieren McCarthy, who penned the piece, did a really great job of encapsulating the “relaxed, friendly, and surprisingly sociable” vibe of our event.

Says McCarthy, “SF New Tech has somehow retained the feel of an informal gathering of like-minded people – people that want to catch the newest and coolest technology that San Francisco can muster… For a company looking to seduce Silicon Valley talent and VC money, a demo at SF New Tech can provide an incredibly useful foothold.”

Nailed it!

If the feedback from our “ridiculously oversized speakers” was the only real complaint (Damn cordless mics!), we must really be doing something right!

Check out the entire article, including reviews of each demo and some cool photos, here.

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Invite to hang with our Canadian friends at SxSW

Invite to hang with our Canadian friends at SxSW

MapleleafloungeIf you are looking for a place at South by Southwest (SxSW) to charge your
laptop, grab a bite to eat, meet up with fellow entrepreneurs all the while
checking out the coolest technology that our Canadian friends have to offer,
then make sure you stop by the (#MLDL) This
group has rented for the entire weekend, March 12th, 13th in Austin, Texas.

#MLDL is also hosting an “Apprentice Style Competition” called the 40 Hour
Challenge in partnership with Startup Weekend
3 Teams will be given a product in which they must create an online
marketing strategy and promote it all within 40 hours at SxSW. The judging
panel will include executives from Silicon Valley. There will be prizes
awarded to the team that wins the competition.

For further information and to register, visit or email

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Sneak Peek: fluxflex At SF New Tech

Sneak Peek: fluxflex At SF New Tech

As an application developer, if you’ve ever used shared hosting service for hosting and serving up your web sites and applications, you know how unreliable the hosting becomes once you start getting a decent amount of traffic. Things just don’t scale. At that point, the most logical thing to do is to ditch the traditional shared hosting service in favor of dedicated cloud servers such as Amazon EC2.

Because the knowledge and experience of an infrastructure engineers is quite different from that of the software engineers (web application developers) managing cloud hosting becomes hard and cumbersome for the software developers.

This is where flexflux comes in. Co-founders Kei Kubo and Hiro Fukami came up with an idea to provide standardized redundantly distributed multi-layered servers with auto-scaling, load balancing and replication to developers who are not comfortable setting up servers for their web services.

Their goal is to forge innovation in the shared web service hosting industry by changing the way of hosting services in each of development, deployment, management and payment phases. Users can use their service as easily and as inexpensively as traditional shared hosting services, but with the difference of professional redundantly distributed multi-layered scalable infrastructure.

This Wednesday at SF New Tech, Kei will show you how easy it is to develop web applications and publish them in distributed servers with fluxflex.

Business Model? fluxflex operates on a freemium model, so there is certain amount of free usage followed by paid subscriptions as and when your usage exceeds the free amount.

About fluxflex

fluxflex is based in San Jose, California. They’ve raised about 240K in angel funding.

Company: fluxflex, inc.
Product: fluxflex
Twitter: @fluxflex
Founder: Kei Kubo @keikubo
Co-Founder: Hiro Fukami @d_sea
Contact Email: support @
Contact Form:

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