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60-Second Spots from 10.30 are here!

Check ’em out!   Track down that lead!

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60 Second Spots from 5.15

Track down that lead.   Here are the folks who made requests on the open mic last night.
Camille Kander
I need a job!
I am an exchange student and iOS developer from France. I have until June 7 to find an internship, or Homeland Security will send me home. I don’t need a visa, but I need to show immigration that I have a reason to be here. Hit me up:

Pulkit Agrawal
We are building a photo collection mobile app – get all the photos from the friends you took them with! Automatically! No need to share – just take photos! We are conducting in-depth user interviews to better understand the needs of early adopters and avid smartphone photographers. We’ll thank you with $50 and you’ll get on the alpha tester list if you’d like. Please get in touch!

Sam Blackman
Project Freedom
Checking out the scene in San Francisco — would love to get involved in projects in the crossover between creative content industries and technology. If you’re in the space and want to chat, ping me!

Yumio Saneyoshi
Gorilla Analytics
Startups, Small Biz Owners, Non Profits who are looking for a cheap way to get the world to find out about your product! We are a guerrilla marketing agency that will provide unique campaigns for super-cheap.

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60 Second Spots from last night. Track down that lead!

Here’s who took to the stage last night and braved the spotlight for 60 seconds.   Check what they’re looking for or needing help with ….

Richard Steel
We are growing and looking to hire people, invest in more tech, and talk around investing. Fun times around here!!

Frank H Vial
help you get traction for your start up brand, early on. let’s get to work together?

We’re currently raising a seed round and interested in speaking with content curators and creative writers.

Gonzalo Vazquez
Network and meet like-minded people.

Brian Zisk
SF MusicTech Summit
People into the convergence of Internet Music and Technology

Jim Chase
VP Engineering opportunity
Sold my last of four start ups. Mobile and web. Looking for next great exciting opportunity.

Ingo Renner
TYPO3 CMS, T3CON North America
If you’re looking at finding a CMS that is right for, you might have found it with TYPO3. TYPO3 is an Open Source CMS build for any size of website, small to large. References are local as the Bay Area Discovery Museum and global as Sony Entertainment Network. As a good Open Source citizen we are part of Google Summer of Code for the third time this year, come check us out. T3CON North America is returning to San Francisco 30-31 May. Please join us and get to know our community.

Rong Wang
I am a converter from Fortune 500 to start-up. After my first experience with start-up world, I fully understand now what an inspiring and brave sport it is. Love to talk to you if you need help in business plan, reporting to board and investors, cost structure containment, financial and strategic planning, and accounting controls. No problem signing an NDA with you to learn your passion, brilliance and courage. Best regards, Rong

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60 Second Spots from 2.20.13, yo

Here’s who was looking for what during the 60 Second spots last night.

Track down that lead!
Jonathan Govette
Seeking: .net programmers creative writers Ux designers

Cory Jones
Seeking: strategic partners to help grow our audience.

Flavio Pripas
Seeking: Launch in US – looking for partners, fashion brands and connections in US Investors for Series B

Yumio Saneyoshi
Gorilla Analytics
Seeking: Startup founders of consumer products who want users! We have a network of students and interns who can help you market your product and start a viral revolution! We have a free trial running right now, so contact us.

Danushka Abeysuriya
IgnitionWare Game Engine
Seeking: We’re having a little developer preview of our awesome JavaScript mobile game engine: beer, pizza & code on the 26th of Feb (next Tues) at the Kiwi Landing Pad 185 Clara St. 6:30pm-8pm. Check out the website for more details about the event and the tech!

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60 Second Spots from last night

Check out what these brave souls are looking for …

Duane Atkins
EzyInsights is a community management tool that helps companies build relationships with their community on social media and other platforms. We even have an API that accepts custom data that we can analyse for you. If you’re interested in having a coffee I’d be pleased to meet you! We’re looking for a business dev co-founder, so please hit me up for more info!

chris castagnetto
Gaia Online  
Gaia Online is a online community website of 2.6 million users. We have a number of great advertising opportunities available for companies who are looking to reach the 13 to 24 demo for competitive rates. Were also looking for great bus dev cross promotional opportunities so please reach out and I look forward to hearing from you.

Alex Hofmann
Looking for a kick-ass iOS developer – Looking for investors – Send us your feedback We are the Quora for closed questions.

Li Jiang
EdTech Silicon Valley    
We are an education technology meetup group. Come check out our events.

Andrew Smith
Just looking to meet people, potential interns, people who want to help make it cool to be informed.

Andres Acosta
Any Ping Pong players who work in tech in or around San Francisco. We’re hosting regular meetups and events.

Ron Selvey
Hiring and Big Marketing After Party
Looking for Developers & Account Executives

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