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Make Connections and Get Up Close & Personal with the Latest in IoT at GROW

Garibaldi Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park

As you may already know, GROW Conference is heading to Whistler for their 5th Annual event August 20-22, 2014 with 1000+ attendees and some of the tech world’s top thinkers.

GROW is a place where founders, brands, retailers, investors and startups will explore how to build and leverage technology for living in a connected world. This is your opportunity to hear leaders from Google Glass, Qualcomm, Lululemon, Life360, SmartThings, Mondelez, Flextronics and Jawbone (to name but a few) talk about building context aware and personalized customer experiences, new app ecosystems on device platforms and the connected stores of the future – not to mention, test out the latest tech making waves in our space.

We’ll explore the mountain terrain with the latest in wearable tech and beacons to understand context, engagement and what experiences we would actually want in a connected environment. The GROW Conference will give you insight into the future. Join us in the mountains and meet your future partners, customers, investors and mentors at GROW.

We’ve spoken to the organizers and secured a $100 discount off the regular price. Use Promo Link: with the access code: SFNewTech to get the deal.

They also have the “Lean Pass” for $195!


// Outdoor Fitness Activities: Lululemon Execs are leading early morning and late afternoon group yoga sessions, mountain biking and mountain top hikes. Bring your fitness trackers, download the Strava routes and let’s quantify ourselves.

// Invite-Only Founder Event: For the first time we are hosting an invite-only, closed doors sessions for Founders on the top of the mountain.

// Gondola Talks: Ride up the mountain in our Gondola Talks with founders, partners and investors.

// Game of Drones: Meet us in the Olympic Plaza and fly your RC Helis, Quadcopter or Drone. Sign up HERE

// Pitch at the Smackdown: Companies have 1 minute to WOW the panel of VCs and Press. Sign up HERE

// Hardware Talks: Meet founders who are building the latest hardware products and learn how they’re incorporating software models on top of the mountain.

// Connected Resort of the Future: Help us make Whistler the most “connected resort in the world”.

New Tech on Tour in Vegas

SF New Tech is San Francisco’s largest, longest-running, and most loved technology showcase. It didn’t start that way. It took years of hard work from its creator, Myles Weissleder, to get the show to that point. I met Myles more than five years ago after I attended my first SF New Tech event and was really impressed with how he followed up with all the attendees. I ended up writing an article entitled “A great example of conference follow up.” Since then I’ve attended dozens of SF New Tech events and was honored to be invited by Myles and to cover the third leg of their event New Tech Tour in Las Vegas.

I chatted with Myles about the event, what it is, and why it’s on tour. In the video is also Tony Stilling of Microsoft, who explains why is proud to support both SF New Tech and New Tech on Tour.

20 Reasons Why the Vegas Startup Scene is the Best

One of the problems with living in San Francisco is we’re surrounded by so many brilliant and successful people that we start to believe that all the world’s great ideas and technology comes out of the Bay Area. While so many great companies have started here, there are many other great pockets of innovation happening across the country and around the world.

During the third installment of SF New Tech’s road show, New Tech Tour, I asked the attendees at the yet to be opened InNEVation Center, “What’s so awesome about the Las Vegas startup scene?” They gave us 20 great answers. Watch.

How does OWS affect start-ups?

Guest Post by Parris Khachi, friend of SF New Tech, Founder of Let’s Whoosh, and an all around tech geek with lots on his mind.

So, I only half support these OWS guys. I love that they are out there. I love that they are raising awareness about various injustices. I adore the fact that they are relentless. I just wish they were providing more solutions and demanding more tangible things. Sometimes the whole thing feels like a union strike without demands. I am all for revolution and such (being the data pirate that I am), but I still don’t know how I feel about all this.

One thing they have accomplished is a re-evaluation of standards. While I don’t necessarily think their pseudo class war of the 99% vs 1% is a very accurate picture; I do think it brings up one very fundamental point that hasn’t necessarily been discussed at great lengths. What do we do with all these entrepreneurs that actually make their way into the 1%? Perhaps the OWS movement isn’t really seeking to affect innovators but they are. Sometimes it feels like there is a double standard. In other words no one “hated on” Steve Jobs, a supplier of shiny toys that just happened to be filthy rich; although, they will hate on various bankers. Perhaps they deserve it though (just kidding, well not really, I don’t know).

In any case, consider that entrepreneurs, before any major successes, are generally part of this 99%. Most of us in this category can barely bootstrap our businesses (or can’t at all). There is generally no help for entrepreneurs looking to start something. Sure there are venture capitalists, SMB loans, government grants for certain projects and other forms of assistance; however, the risk of failure and the consequences still fall to the company founder, artist, or entrepreneur. This risk then propagates to future projects and a loss of credibility to some degree. Not to mention what the risk of failure means to all those working with you.

With that much on the line no wonder we expect the pay out to be amazing. Sure we all love what we do and we do it because we are passionate about our creations; however, there is no denying the pressure. Where is the government when people are trying to start their companies and change the world? Sure they provide some government grants, but I’m not really looking to make a missile guidance system right now, nor would I like to make airline security any more invasive. I’d say in this case the OWS is actually stifling innovation and technology rather than being redeemers of the 99%. Why should I, someone who has spent years on the side, doing something interesting, ambitious, great with my life need to pay more tax when I’ve been pouring my own money, time and even health into my company.

What is the solution then? Well, perhaps something like a review board that is part of the government that helps companies start would be useful. Turn the government into a monolithic unix kernel that has its hands in everything and assists everyone. Yes this sounds like Star Trek and I love it! The problem we have now is that both sides are right. People who start business did actually earn the right to be filthy rich and they did it on their own, and guess what most of you helped them in some way. So what are we to do? Well if we don’t want entrepreneurs to feel entitled then we, as a society, need to help them. Having them become starving artists is not a solution at all. If no one earns the right to be in the 1% then no one will be in it. One caveat though, this idea should be limited in scope. It should only seek to kill that 99% vs 1% mock class war. This should solve the tension that OWS has been addressing and it would help propagate our country’s technological fronts.

I am not saying this is the only possible solution. In fact, this is probably the solution that most benefits me (ha); however, I do think that the idea has some merit and we need more IDEAS like this not just complaints. So forum, let’s hear them, let that crazy inner voice come out!

Startup SWOT: SoWink


SoWink is a dating website focusing on the 20-something and college demographic. With a variety of features to help couples find things to do (Sowink provides tools to create group activities, facilitates events, and other “low-touch” methods of contacting others on the site), SoWink differentiates itself by providing ample opportunities for its users to convert digital flirting to real life interactions in a safe and friendly environment.
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Startup SWOT: Selections from Mobile Night


Flixlab has developed a cloud-based social video platform that enables consumers to easily share raw assets and create polished movies from the video clips and pictures on their smartphones, and their friends’ smartphones, and upload them to social networks.

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Exciting Upcoming Events

Photo by @photo

Are you ready? It’s only 2 days before our Mobile Tech night!

We are thrilled to have live on stage this Wednesday night Flixlab, hüklüp, CardFlick, Boombotix, Location Labs, InMobi, plus many more!

Make sure to purchase your tickets quickly….this event is selling out!

In other news:

We are excited to announce our upcoming events!

July 27th: Women in Tech (Please stay tuned for details to come!)

August 3rd: Sex-n-Tech with We-Vibe, One Taste, plus many others!

September 7th: Bring on the APIs!

We have plenty more events in the works, but we just wanted to give you a taste of the great things to come!

Don’t forget that if you have a wonderful new product that you would like to demo on stage with us, you can always apply online here: APPLY TO DEMO. Or talk to any one of the SF New Tech crew at one of our events. Don’t worry we don’t bite!

Cheers! And see y’all soon- Amy

Learn with Udemy: Special deal just for our fans!

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Udemy.

We wanted to thank you for being our fan by providing you more ways to learn and hone in your awesome skills! Udemy is offering two really sweet deals, just for SF New Tech fans.Check them out!

(Please click on the links below to see each course special)

Deal 1:

Dave McClure, Adeo Ressi, and Naval Ravikant – teaching you how to Raise Capital for your Startup. These guys are investors in Twitter, Foursquare, Mint, SlideShare (list goes on… way on), and they’ve run dozens of companies themselves (i.e. they know both sides of the table).

The problem is, you can’t learn from folks like this unless you know them. Luckily, problem solved because the guys at Udemy have put together a killer online course called  “Raising Capital for Startups. The course features Dave, Adeo, Naval (and more), and this week they’re hooking us up with 60% off (making it $39… retail price $99). Grab it while it’s hot.

Deal 2:

iPhone, iPad, iOS. It’s getting a little crazy out there with 187 million iDevices, more than 300,000 apps, and dozens making over $1,000,000 in revenue. That’s why I’m very excited to announce a deal from the guys at Udemy on their online courseLearn to Develop iPhone & iPad Apps in 4 Weeks.”

The course is taught by Bess Ho, who is quickly becoming something of a silicon valley legend given her ability to take business folks (with zero programming skills) and have them build real functional apps in less than 6 hours. She teaches at places like Hacker Dojo, but if you can’t make it to a class she’s put together an awesome version of her course online at It retails at $250, but the Udemy guys are hooking it up with 60% off making it $99 for this week only. Enjoy!

Startup SWOT: BeauteCam

BeauteCam (
SF New Tech Appearance: June 28, 2011

BeauteCam is an iPhone app for analyzing human skin quality from photos taken with phone’s integrated camera. Using an aftermarket 27x macro lens that is attached to the service of the iPhone’s camera, BeauteCam analyzes a macro shot of the user’s skin and suggests ways to improve aesthetics and skin health.

It’s  likely that BeauteCam probably employs some form of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithm to search for indicators of various skin conditions. According to their description, this seems to take place serverside.
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Build a new mobile startup in SF

Looking to start a new mobile venture?

Looking for a co-founder?

Want to validate an idea?

SF New Tech is proud to announce  our partnership with Founder Labs here in SF. We are working with this wonderful group to help inspire a community focused on entrepreneurship. Please join them in their next pre-incubator lab, and then join us on stage to showcase all your talent!

Founder Labs (FL) is a pre-incubator for new mobile ideas.

FL is a 5 week pre-incubator focused on the first phase of launching a new mobile venture – building a co-founding team and validating a new idea.

20 founders form 5 teams, work for 5 weeks, 5 days a week (after-working-hours) to validate a new idea and build an initial prototype. Founders learn key startup lessons such as Lean Startup principles, Customer Development and more and present progress each week to Visiting Advisors. Founders also work closely with Mentors who have experience in the mobile space.

Supporters and Mentors in the program include: Dave McClure (500 startups), Eric Ries (The Lean Startup), Steve Blank (Customer Development), Theresia Gouw Ranzetta (Accel), John Malloy (Blue Run Ventures).

Founder Labs is for hackers, designers and hustlers. It will include 10 engineers, 5 designers, 5 sales/marketing mavens
More info:
Meet the Visiting Advisors and Mentors:

Apply now to Founder Labs SF: Aug 11 – Sept 15, deadline to apply is June 24

TC Coverage:
Xconomy Coverage: