SF New Tech July 24 Event

Pitch Videos from the July 24th SF New Tech Event. Join us with pitches from

“Age of Context–How Mobile, Sensors & Data Will Change Your Life”

Robert Scoble & Shel Israel

This dynamic duo will be joining us to introduce their new, forthcoming book “Age of Context–How Mobile, Sensors & Data Will Change Your Life”.   Get ready for your mind to be blown!



Andrew Fogg, Founder & Chief Data Officer

Import.io helps you extract, crawl and connect sets of data from any website without writing computer code.

www.import.io | @importio



Gil Sadis, CEO

Smart billing platform for SaaS companies.  Licensario developed a unique approach to billing for software companies called “feature-based billing”. Using this approach software companies can sell any package of their software in any pricing model without changing their code. We also know exactly how users use the software and exact usage pattern. Using this data, we help the company to increase conversion rate, reduce churn and maximize revenues.
licensario.com | @licensario



Austen Allred, CEO

Grasswire uses tiny actions of thousands of people to curate social media content in real time.  Grasswire pulls in data from all of the social media sources for a specific event or hash tag and streams them in real time. As they stream, users favorite the best stuff, automatically generating a blog-like page with the top content from each event.

grasswire.com | @grasswire



Julien Denaes, CEO

Logrr is a new secured way of authentication that does not require the use of passwords. It allows logging in on a website by using your phone and we’ll prove how easy and secure it is.

www.logrr.com | @logrrofficial


SFNTBlog_ReesioMark Thomas, Co-Founder & CEO

Reesio has the most accurate residential real estate data on the planet. See how Reesio gets this data, by demoing their proprietary transaction management platform.

www.reesio.com | @reesiorocks



Jason Gordo, CEO

FlexScore, created by financial advisors, “gamifies” financial planning, gives a “score” based on your financial fitness, provides education, action steps, and peer comparisons.

www.flexscore.com | @flexscore

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