Meet Our Pitchers: Redg Snodgrass/Kyle Ellicott of Stained Glass Labs


Wearable tech is coming, if not here already. Meet Redg and Kyle¬†, Founders of Stained Glass Labs.¬†Stained Glass Labs is the first incubator/accelerator focused on Glass and wearable technologies. They give entrepreneurs go-to market strategies, mentorship, and space to succeed in this new technology landscape. Here’s what inspired Redg and Kyle to start Stained Glass Labs:

Redg: “I have been setting trends in the Valley for the last 7 years and after being on the founding team at Skout and watching the iPhone take off, that this is a very similar emergence in the market. I feel that not only is this a fun opportunity, but it is the right one to take. I also think that everyone who built for the mobile will also build for wearable tech in the future, so I am just trying to execute on what I think is the right market.”

Kyle: “Honestly it just seemed right to do. Over the years I’ve worked with and built multiple products for all types of brands and seen the progression of technology. From a very early point I began noticing trends throughout design, development, and even hardware, being used all around that I could tell would soon act as foundation for wearable tech. But noticed that there wasn’t anyone clearly ready to lead the direction of the industry or help nurture it’s growth. I saw this an opportunity. Take a moment and think about it. We’re about to see design like we’ve never experienced before. Products that were once only dreamed of in movies or science fiction movies are going to become a reality. It couldn’t be more exciting.”

See how Redg and Kyle are helping wearable tech at our next event. Get your tickets here.

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