Meet Our Upcoming Pitchers: C.J. MacDonald of Herdmark

Meet C.J. MacDonald, one of the founders at Herdmark. He will be pitching us at our 3/20 event on their new collaboration tool – Herdmark. Herdmark allows you to create a library of great resources that you can use, share and add.

“We thought that there was no good way to share bookmarks with your team.  There are bookmarking tools, like delicious, but they don’t do anything for groups of collaborators.  And there are team collaboration tools but they don’t have much if any support for bookmarks, and anyway, they do so many things that we believe that they are not used for bookmarks.  We think that bookmarks hold a sort of “corporate knowledge” in an organization and for subgroups in an organization.  We wanted to make a focussed tool for bookmarks”

Check them out at  | Twitter: @herdmark |

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