SF New Tech June 6, 2012

Demos from Moodstocks, Bime, Sculpteo, Vesalis, Webshell, Nanomade, Neiio & more!


Denis Brulé, CEO

Moodstocks is to the eyes what Shazam is to the ears. Its mobile image recognition platform transforms posters, magazines, and advertising into interactive e-commerce.
http://www.moodstocks.com // @moodstocks


Rachel Delacour, CEO

BIME is a French startup harnessing Cloud Business Intelligence to create value out of Big Data. BIME provides a full suite of interactive analysis tools and dashboards directly in the browser. It offers built-in integration with many on premise datasources and webservices including the recently released Google BigQuery. Slicing, dicing and analyzing billion rows of data entirely over the web is now possible.
http://bimeanalytics.com/?lang=en // @wearecloud


Clement Moreau, CEO

Founded in 2009, Sculpteo is a cloud-based 3D printing service designed to make this new technology accessible to all. Sculpteo 3D printing cloud engine enables any brand to integrate a mass-customization offering based on 3D printing. In addition to affiliates, Sculpteo has its own 3D printing facilities in France.
http://www.sculpteo.com // @sculpteo


Jean-Marc Robin, CEO

Vesalis’ unique facial recognition technology uses augmented reality to address both the social digital beauty and video protection sectors. Interactive simulations let users obtain visual results in a fraction of a second.


Mehdi Medjaoui, Co-Founder

Webshell provides a cloud platform for APIs, accessible via a scripting language that was inspired from Javascript and the Unix Shell script. The language aims to unify APIs by establishing conventions that will greatly enhance the developers’ learning curve. This process of unification also brings easy interoperability between different APIs.
http://webshell.fr/home // @webshell_


Faouzy Soilihi, COO

Nanomade’s patented tactile solution turns flexible or rigid supports into touch and pressure sensitive surfaces. They aim to bring tactile functionality to the wide range of emerging flexible screens.


Maxime Berthelot, CEO

Neiio helps companies exploit the full potential of their address book. Through semantic analysis of social networks, Neiio enriches available information on your contacts and automatically identifies new leads.
http://www.neiio.com // @neiio

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