SF New Tech May 23, 2012

Demos from Hotmail, P6, EVR1, Glomper, Entryless, Vitamin T & more!


William Berry, CEO

p6.com allows users to create informational videos in less than 6 minutes. we use a custom setup tool and automated editing to allow users to make videos quickly, easily and for free.
http://www.p6.com // @p6com


Mike Galarza, CEO

Never again do your accounting!! drag & drop your vendor invoices with Entryless.
http://www.entryless.com // @entryless


Brandon Peele, Co-Founder

Wearable human excellence; riveted leather totem containing the sum total of human excellence (wikipedia, east/west canon, world religious texts, how-to manuals, recent essays from leading philosophers, physicist, psychologists and gurus on optimal human functioning).


Alexander Borodich, CEO & Founder

Glomper reinvented mobile calendar, made it fun and social. Now you will always know what your friends are up to and what’s happening nearby.
http://www.glomper.com // @glomper


Galileo Vieira, Hotmail Product Marketing

We at the Hotmail team have been working really hard over the last year to add some great features to the product. But we also know that we have a long way to go to capture the hearts and minds of users. That’s why we want to talk to SF New Tech community members, to tell our story and hear from real users. We look forward to meeting you soon!
http://aka.ms/hotmail // facebook.com/hotmail // @hotmail & @teamhotmail

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