SF New Tech May 9, 2012

Demos from Engagio, Citizen Software, mention, Heirloom, Playmysong, Yogome, more!

SF New Tech Interviews


William Mougayar, CEO

Engagio is a Gmail-like Inbox for your social conversations and relationships. The increasing fragmentation of the Social Web is making it challenging for a user to manage the multiplicity of touch points across social networks and online communities. Engagio provides a unified engagement dashboard across the various online/social spaces and gives the user a unique visibility about the people behind these conversations and their social identities.
http://engag.io/sfnt // @engagio

Citizen Software

Alan Lewis, CEO

Simple. Powerful. Affordable. CRM web app purpose-built for small to mid-sized nonprofits. We Create Connected Nonprofits. The Revolution Will Not Be Exported Into a Spreadsheet.
https://www.citizencrm.com // @citizensoftware

Heirloom Computing

Gary Crook, CEO
Mark Haynie, CTO

Empowering enterprises to develop, migrate and deploy powerful business applications in the cloud via ELPaaS (Enterprise Legacy Platform-as-a-Service).
http://www.heirloomcomputing.com // @legacypaas


Andrew Mello,
Business Development Manager (US)

Monitor the media, your brands, competitors and anything you care about in real-time on all your devices. We created the first “prosumer” grade application available to everyone that gives you instant visibility into your virality. Be in the know, on the go! Change the way you monitor media.
http://mention.net // @mentionapp


Rami Korhonen, Lead Singer & CEO

Playmysong is free social jukebox app, which turns your smartphone into a remote control for music in bars, parties, homes and events. The same app can be used to launch a social jukebox in a matter of seconds.
http://www.playmysong.com // @playmysongapp


Manolo Diaz, CEO

Since Yogome started the goal was clear, to help kids learn in a fun way with the help of technology. All around the world educational levels are falling behind the fast social communication and technology growth, so besides of what they see in school kids need to develop skills and values to compete in a globalized environment. That’s why we are developing educational games for iPads and browsers, so kids can be learning and discovering the world they live in instead of just killing zombies and blowing things up.
http://yogome.co // @yogomerocks

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