Discount Codes for 5/23 are here …

As promised via Twitter earlier today — it’s ~3pm and that means it’s time to let discount (and comp!) codes for our event on 5/23 out in to the wild!

If you’re keen on hearing from some super-cool startups (,,,, others), and/or learning first-hand what our old friend Hotmail is up to nowadays, than this event is for you.

Also, Vitamin T, a great recruiting agency for the best digital creative talent on the planet, will be in the house and will be giving away a Kindle Fire to one lucky attendee.

Here are the codes … go nuts.  Go fast.

0523sfnt-isnoozed = 10% off (25 available)
0523sfnt-whatadeal = 25% off (25 available)
0523sfnt-yeahbaby = 50% (25 available)
0523sfnt-seeyouthere = 100% off (30 available)

Registration and information @


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