What’s the 411? April 11, 2012

What’s the 411? Awesome New Tech with Storify, Planwise, PointBurst, AskOwls, Placeme, Mingly, inbenta, Vidcaster and more!


Xavier Damman, CEO

Create stories by curating social media and bringing together Tweets, YouTube videos, Instagram photos and more into a story. Subscribe to stories created by Oprah, The Washington Post, The White House, Mashable, Twitter, SF New Tech and many more Storify users. 2012 SxSW Interactive Award winner in the Social Media category.
http://www.storify.com // @storify


Vincent Turner, Founder

Planwise, see how the plans you make today, affect your finance in the future, so you can make better decisions.
http://www.planwise.com // @getplanwise


Mick Twomey, Co-Founder

The PointBurst Social Media Syndication platform enables organizations to syndicate social media through not only their own networks but also those of their affiliates as if the affiliates posted it themselves. This allows multiplication of reach, ensured brand consistency and the providing of valuable content to support both the organizations and their affiliates social media activities.
http://www.pointburst.com // @thepointburst


Bisera Ferrero, Co-Founder

Learn something new – Teach what you know. AskOwls brings down the geographical barriers in the world of education by enabling students and teachers to meet in virtual classrooms. Expert teachers offer lessons to a global audience, while students benefit from wealth of peer-reviewed teachers.


Mike Goos, VP of Products

Placeme is a free app for android and iphone that always remembers the places you visit without requiring any check-ins. Placeme does this privately and securely. Also, it’s a showcase app of the Alohar Mobile Ambient Location Analytics Platform.
http://www.placemeapp.com // @placeme


Tyler Koblasa, CEO & Founder

Mingly is a cloud-based service that brings together one’s complete network and reduces the pain of building and maintaining relationships. Mingly keeps track of new connections, alerts users before they fall out of touch with important contacts, and notifies them about key events in their contacts’ lives to help build meaningful relationships.
http://www.getmingly.com // @getmingly


Jordi Torras, CEO

How Semantic Search helps increase website traffic and conversion — and therefore revenue.
http://www.inbenta.com // @inbenta


Kieran Farr, CEO & Founder

VidCaster is an online video platform — but unlike complicated “player only” platforms, VidCaster gives non-technical users the power to very easily create complete video websites. In the same way that companies use platforms like WordPress and Tumblr to power their blogs, companies like AirbnbZendesk, and Turnstone Furniture are using VidCaster to power their own branded video websites.
http://www.vidcaster.com // @vidcaster

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