60 Second Spots from 4.13!

See what CardVine, Changemakers, Conekt, geowarp, Dot TK, Project Merrily (super stealthy alpha name), Brainscape, Sportlyzer, Blobin – Revolutionary Commenting, DealFair, Vendep, and AudioDraft had to say on the 60 Second Soapbox!

Contact: Ralph Haygood – ralphhaygood @gmail.com
Looking For / Need Help With: Cofounder(s): UX, graphics, marketing, biz dev, other? CardVine could benefit from many different kinds of knowledge and effort. I’m @rhaygood on Twitter, or see http://ralphhaygood.com/ – it’s my CardVine card, and it will tell you all about me.

Changemakers Publishing, Writing, Production, Radio
Contact: gini graham scott – changemakers @pacbell.net
Looking For / Need Help With: Have radio show Changemakers Radio at www.blogtalkradio.com/changemakers on new developments in science, technology, business and society. Seeking guests and just listen at any time. Can also help you write, promote, and publishing your books.

Contact: Eoin McMillan – eoinmcmillan @gmail.com
Looking For / Need Help With: $20,000 seed funding. And a job. 2yrs consulting experience between Capgemini & PricewaterhouseCoopers. I do lots of stuff, including coffee.

Contact: Thanasis Polychronakis – thp @geowarp.com
Looking For / Need Help With: I am looking for a technical co-founder, able to built a website from an idea to end product. I have a working prototype, ready to launch in 3 months, if you are a full stack developer i want to chat with you :)

Dot TK
Contact: Joost Zuurbier – joost.zuurbier @dot.tk
Looking For / Need Help With: We are the third largest country code domain name registry giving away free domain names. We are looking for: – hosting providers that can will give out free domains (with revshare on the advertising on the expired domains) – VC – series A Be in touch!

Project Merrily (super stealthy alpha name)
Contact: Austin Cooley – adcooley @gmail.com
Looking For / Need Help With: The most rockstar UX/UI designer on the planet that is looking for a super challenging project. The UX needs are mainly in the browser, but the project is mobile. Contact us for info!

Contact: Andrew Cohen – acohen @brain-scape.com
Looking For / Need Help With: People who are enthusiastic about optimizing learning.

Looking For Business Development Opportunities
Contact: Ben Obear – benobear @gmail.com
Looking For / Need Help With: I’m looking to help grow a small to medium sized company and forge partnerships with fortune 500 companies.

Contact: Tonis Saag – tonis.saag @sportlyzer.com
Looking For / Need Help With: We are looking for partners among sports tracking applications and online workout logs. Our team of scientists has developed algorithms that can turn your application into revenue generating intelligent personal trainer. Retain customers and make money, we take care of the automated fitness instruction.

Blobin – Revolutionary Commenting
Contact: Ravi Mittal – ravi @blobin.com
Looking For / Need Help With: A publisher who is willing to pilot test with us A CTO – technical Software developer Angel Funding

Contact: Richard Fisher – Rifisherr @gmail.com
Looking For / Need Help With: Looking for CTO. B2B business in the daily deal space. Modest funding, launching soon.

Contact: Jupe Arala – jupe.arala @vendep.com
Looking For / Need Help With: Vendep invests in startups by providing software development resources for equity in the startup. So if you are an entrepreneur with a great idea but have not got the resources to build the product, or if you are a startup looking to boost your development resources, maybe we can help!

Contact: Tommi Koskinen – tommi @audiodraft.com
Looking For / Need Help With: We are looking for customers (gaming studios, production companies or anyone in the need of sound productions). AudioDraft is the 99designs for music. We help companies to outsource their audio productions from a global community of talented producers.

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