QUIZLET: Join millions and Build Your Own Flashcards, Game Yourself to Smart

While in high school, Andrew Sutherland needed help studying French vocabulary, so he created electronic flashcards for his own use. Soon, word about Quizlet caught on in a so called flash, which is one reason their user base doubled every year since inception.

With 1 million registered users and about 3 million visitors a month, it’s a concept whose time has come.

Quizlet works like paper index cards, one side for questions, flip side for answers. Users can generate their own flash card content, or use those developed by others on the site, as you can opt for private or public cards. With topics ranging from languages to math, science and history, Quizlet instantly provides access to a wealth of learning material.


Product Manager Phil Freo Presenting Quizlet at SFNewTech (Photo Credit: Shiva Manjunath)

In various modes, Quizlet combines a spectrum of proven techniques with technology to ensure “lessons are learned”, by: shuffling incorrectly answered cards back to you until you get the answer right; true and false cards; and repetitive testing, ensuring you type an answer that you either don’t know or get wrong, again increasing sticking power.

More fun learning games available: matching words and graphics; terms and definitions; and  a “Space Race” game, where terms fly across the screen as you try to fill in the definition before the terms fly off the screen’s edge.

Quizlet is a free service, but for just $10 a year, you can even upload your own graphics to enhance the flashcards.

Quizlet’s goal ? According to product manager  Phil Freo

We want Quizlet to be recognized as the best place on line to learn or study

With an API for the iphone, 15 apps pull content in to Quizlet. Next up: they’re creating Quizlet groups so you can invite your friends to learn with you.


Product Manager Phil Freo answers questions about Quizlet at SFNewTech (Photo Credit: Shiva Manjunath)

About Quizlet

Website: http://quizlet.com
Blog: http://quizlet.com/blog/
Twitter: @quizlet
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/quizlet
Contactl: info @ quizlet.com
Founder: Andrew Sutherland
CEO: Dave Margulius
Product Manager & Developer : Phil Freo , Twitter @philfreo

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