OneMedical: Calling All Patients, Personalized Healthcare Goes Mobile

While the rest of the world depends on electronic communiqués, the medical industry lags behind, given, according to Michael Kleiman, VP Product Management at OneMedical,

90% of providers don’t accept emails, but OneMedical does.

Given creating a positive user experience is a mantra for all startups, that is the essence of OneMedical’s value proposition. And they know they’re on the right track as they continually expand, while just taking off.


Michael Klieman presents One Medical at SFNewTech (Photo Credit: Shiva Manjunath)

The cost? The member based service costs $149 per year.  For that fee, if you have insurance they will bill insurance for you, if you don’t have insurance they will offer you a discounted rate for service. “Both ways, it’s a good way to stay on top of your health,” insisted Kleiman.

OneMedical’s iPhone app works in tandem with their website, delivering a spectrum of help: answers to simple medical questions;  physician referrals for personal consultation;  guidelines for handling billing questions; access your health records and renew prescriptions.

OneMedical’s free iPhone app walks you through a series of question to identify the nature and details of your issue.At one end of the spectrum, if the issue can be handled by the patient accessing information on their own (eg: by onemedical providing links to you) the quick answer is in hand. At the other end of the spectrum, if you have an urgent issue, they’ll ease the process by calling the provider to arrange an immediate office or emergency visit.

With 6 offices in SF, 2 in NY and huge demand to continually expand, it’s clear the service fills a void.

Whether you have insurance, or not, this could be the wave of the future for medical care.

Want to see for yourself? Next office opens Nov. 30th 2010, at 201 Spear Street, and SFNewTech fans are invited to the open house event 5:30 – 7:30 PM where wine and cheese will be served, for health purposes only, of course!


Michael Klieman presents the One Medical iPhone App (Photo Credit: Shiva Manjunath)

About One Medical

San Francisco Website:
Founder: Tom X. Lee
Vice President, Product Management: Michael Kleiman
Twitter: @onemedical
Facebook: One-Medical-Group
Contact Email: admin @
OneMedical Mobile App:

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