New Facebook App Bonvoy makes Group Trip Planning Easy, Fun and… Social!

Bonvoy is a facebook application that makes planning group trips a breeze. Trip planners can create trips, invite their friends, split costs and manage the entire group travel planning within the familiar Facebook interface.

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Group Travel Planning Can Be Really Painful!

Fed up of dealing with group travel planning issues like long deeply-threaded email chains, scheduling disasters, never-ending searches for travel deals, discounts and trying to split up travel costs, founder Mujteba Naqvi decided he’d had enough and went off to create Bonvoy last year.

In February of this year, Mujteba took stage in front of a sold out crowd at the Feb 3rd 2010 SFNewTech event and gave us a sneek preview of what was to come.

The Bonvoy facebook app went live earlier this week and is available to everyone to download, install and use!

How do I get Bonvoy?

Bonvoy is a facebook application that can be downloaded here. Once you are logged into Facebook and you see the Bonvoy Facebook app page, click the Go To Application button.

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Get the Bonvoy App on Facebook

Like all Facebook applications, you will prompted to allow Bonvoy access to your basic information. After reviewing the privacy policy, click Allow to start using Bonvoy for your group trip planning!

How does Bonvoy Help me with Group Trip Planning?

Bonvoy takes the hassle out of planning group trips like family reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, spring break, sporting events, and couples retreats. After you install the Facebook app, you can create a group trip in 3 easy steps that involves creating a new trip, inviting the other participants, then managing everything inside the trip page.

Create a new trip in 3 easy steps.

Once created, a group trip inside the Bonvoy app looks and feels just like a Facebook group, complete with the wall, discussion board, photos and messages.

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Inside a Bonvoy Trip

Specific to group trip planning, the three sections that you will be most interested in are the Travel Info box, The Hotels box and the Cars box.

In the Hotels box and the Cars box, you have access to a booking engine which you can use to easily book your hotel and car from within the app. After you book your hotel and car, the travel info gets posted on the Travel Info box.

The Travel Info box is like the virtual travel information booth, where the trip planner and all attendees can see trip info as well as updates to the travel plans from all other invitees. With the social and viral nature, this alone makes the app so useful for group travel planning.

Who is behind Bonvoy?

Based in Houston, Texas, Bonvoy Inc. is a licensed and accredited online travel agency that brokers travel-related products, including hotel rooms and rental cars.

Bonvoy Inc Founder and CEO Mujteba Naqvi tells us that he and his team have been working on the Bonvoy app for about a year with a mix of work towards development, securing strategic partners, and becoming an accredited online travel agency.

Bonvoy is are currently trying to raise a seed round of funding.

For more information, contact Bonvoy Founder and CEO Mujteba Naqvi at 832-532-2406 or email him at muj(dot)naqvi(at)bonvoy(dot)com

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